Rural local election polls were tracked directly by webcams. This was visited by state election commissioner Ira Palanisamy.

Tamil Nadu State Election Commission has taken the precautionary measures to ensure that the voting in Chennai and Rural Local Government elections are held without any incident.

According to a survey conducted by election officials, district collectors, and police superintendents, 8 thousand 633 ballots were found to be tense.

These centers were provided with strong police security yesterday. Of these, 1,709 polling stations were brought into the ‘web camera’ ring. Activities ‘video’ of 2 thousand 842 ballots was recorded.

The control room was set up at the State Election Commission in Coimbatore, Chennai, to monitor the tense ballots.

In this, the ‘web camera’ footage recorded on the ballot was vigorously monitored by the big screen via ‘lap-top’. State election officials were involved in the process.

State Election Commissioner Ira Palanisamy and Secretary L. Subramanian have also visited the polls directly.

The state election commissioner, P. Palanisamy, telephoned the district election officials from time to time? What is the field situation? How many percents of the votes cast? Heard such details.