Harish Kalyan’s recent release Dharala Prabhu, which was one of the affected films due to the sudden lockdown of theaters in the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, A weeks ago Harish Kalyan wanted to release the movie Dharala Prabhu after the outbreak. Team confirms that movie e in will arrive on Amazon Prime tomorrow for viewers.

Dharala Prabhu is the official remake of Bollywood superhit movie Vicky Donor. Movie comes several years ago no heroes come forward to remake this movie in Tamil Harish Kalyan who did it in recent times.

Directed by Krishna Marimuthu, Dharala Prabhu is an official remake of Hindi superhit Vicky Donor and received good reviews from critics before the movie was pulled out of theaters due to the 21-day lock-down.

Tanya hope you did not reaching performance and her previous movie e Thadam along with Arun Vijay pair with Harish Kalyan in Dharala Prabhu.

Dhara Prabhu movie story

Hero Harish Kalyan energetic boy vikrams sperm donor from the advice of Doctor Vivek. Harish Kalyan also fall in love with Tanya hope. His pocket money we use to donate sperm for Vivek patients. Tanya hope comes to know about Harish Kalyan from donation activity what comes next how this couples manage to arrived in life again is a rest of the story.

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