Dev commerical emotional love movie by Karthi and Rakul. Recently Karthi lined his carrer with several blockbusters back to back with complete different stories. Dev is completely gets a different shades from his previous movie Kadai Kutty Singam which get overwhelming response from the family audience. Dev city based love oriented movie. Movie doesn’t seems to have much character other than Ramya Krishnan and RJ Vigneshkanth.

Plot of the movie revolves with Karthi and Rakul. Karthi works in IT spends lots of time in Adventure, Trekking, Riding and so on. Rakul Preet Singh a responsible independent girl who lives alone. They both fall in love and rest of the story begins. RJ Vigneshkanth played a moderated comedy tracks. RJ Vigneshkanth might have a bright future in comedy roles.

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