All India Federation of Other Backward Classes Employees’ Welfare Associations written to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan accusing that the government is violating the reservation policy for OBC medical seat quota. Economically Weaker Section (EWS) was allotted 653 seats PG seats under the All India Quota but unfortunately, students categorized under OBC community are allocated only with 371 seats.

Since 2017, the OBCs have been denied reservations both in PG/UG medical seats under All India Quota. Thus, they are denied 3000 seats every year which are transferred to General Category. This year also, the same injustice continues, The seats are transferred to the general category which is unjustified and unconstitutional. Had the seats remained in the States, the OBCs would have benefitted much. For example, this year, Tamil Nadu has 1758 PG seats. Out of this, 879 seats are pooled by the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) for All India Quota.

Of these 879 seats, the OBCs are not getting any reservation. Had the seats remained in the Tamil Nadu, as per their reservation policy, 440 seats would have gone to OBC students. The same applies to all the States,

Association’s General Secretary, G Karunanidhy

Out of the 9550 seats under the All India Quota this year, nearly 8800 constitute seats in the colleges run by the state governments. OBCs are only given a share of the seats in the Central government institutions but are denied state college seats.

The EWS quota share of opposition when it was implemented as many saw it to be in violation of the original aim behind allocating seats and jobs to the schedules, tribes, castes, and backward castes, and it becomes true. Reservation is not the eradication of poverty but to give people the opportunities they had been robbed off because of their oppression by the forward castes.

“It is appalling that the EWS category is eligible to have 653 seats in PG courses under the All India Quota this year,” he added. He also said that the association had been sending many letters to the Ministry asking for a response but had not gotten any, “Our letters to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has not yielded any result. Members of Parliament cutting across party lines raised this matter. But the Minister replied saying that 27% reservation to OBCs is applied to the seats pooled from the Colleges run by Central Government as per Central Educational Institutions Reservations Act, thus diverting the question about providing reservation on the All India Quota seats pooled from the State-run colleges.”

Stating these facts, the Association requested the Health Ministry to extend the 27 percent reservation to seats under the All India Quota s well, “We request your good self to kindly direct the Health Ministry to extend 27% reservation to OBC candidates in the state-pooled All India Quota seats also both under UG and PG seats for this academic year onwards.”

Its an Injustice to OBC Medical aspirant. The Center should make special allotment affected students. Including 1135 seats making the total number of seats 11,027 Center should make a special allocation to OBC students

Vaiko, Rajya Sabha MP

BJP has been taking advantage of the PG and UG medical seat allocation for a long time. 15% of the seats for UG medical courses in the state medical colleges in the states and 50% of the seats for the PG medical courses are received by the Central Government from the All India package. BJP has been holding seats for three consecutive years without allocating 27 percent of the OBC quota, Vaiko added

Subsequently, the National Backward Classes Commission has sent a report to the Central Government to respond to this within 15 days. The National Backward Parents Commission is investigating under Section 338B and question why OBC seat allocations were not completed yet.

In the 2020 Masters in Medical Scheme, the Central Government has secured 7981 seats from all states. This is a situation where there is zero reservation for other backward people. The total number of seats for postgraduate dental studies in the current year 2020-21 is 274. The reservation for backward students is zero.

The total number of seats for undergraduate medical admissions from the state to the central package in the three years from 2017-18 to 2019-20 was 11,879. Of these, 277 were denied reservation, leaving 3207 seats for the backward all-India. Similarly, the total number of 931 out of a total of 931 seats in undergraduate dental education lost 251 seats.

The total number of seats for medical supervision in the current year in Tamil Nadu is 1882. Of these, 50 % of the seats have been allocated to the All India package. The central government’s denial that there is no reservation for the disadvantaged is a deliberate conspiracy to undermine social justice. If these seats are in Tamil Nadu, the remaining people will get 470 seats based on a 50% reservation.

The total number of postgraduate students who have been deprived of post-secondary care seats in the All India package is 3101 in 2017, 2429 in 2018, 2207 in 2019, and 2155 in 2020. So, of the total 42,842 state-provided seats for medical studies in the last four years, there is no provision for the disadvantaged.

But the BJP has been generous in providing 10 percent seats to the economically backward classes.

Central BJP denies social justice I issued a statement on May 13 denouncing the government’s actions. At present, the National Backward Classes Commission has explained to the central government that the total number of postgraduate courses in postgraduate courses in India should be 9892 for the past four years, as well as 1135 seats for the 27% legal reservation I urge the Central Government to take action to fill the quota.

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