Delhi Police will reach out to Google to get the internet protocol (IP address) or the location from where the document was created and uploaded to the social media platform.

According to Police sources quoted by news agency ANI, this inquiry is being done to identify the authors of the ‘Toolkit’ which was shared on Google Docs.

“Delhi Police is going to write to Google to get the IP address or the location from where the doc was made and uploaded on the social media platform. This is being done to identify the authors of the toolkit which was shared on the Google Doc,” Delhi Police sources said.

On Thursday, the Delhi Police filed a First Information Report against the creators of a “toolkit” tweeted by climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg in her messages expressing support for the farmers’ protests in India. The police said that it was evidence of a conspiracy that resulted in violence on Republic Day when one section of participants in a tractor rally in Delhi deviated from the planned route and entered the Red Fort.

A toolkit, one social media campaigner explained, “is a booklet or document created to explain a cause or issue. It identifies approaches to address the issue from the grassroots level.”

On Wednesday, Thunberg deleted one tweet about a toolkit and replaced it with another, explaining that the earlier document had been updated. But several pro-government social media users, including VK Singh, the minister of state for road transport and highways, detected a nefarious plan in this.

“Need to investigate the parties which are pulling the strings of this evil machinery,” Singh said in a tweet. “Instructions were laid out clearly as to the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’. Conspiracies at this scale often get exposed and ultimately it took the hasty tweet of Greta, who with other international celebrities suddenly turned sensitive towards farmer issues.”

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