Deepika Padukone talks about pressures maintaining the ideal perception. Photo: Gulf News 

Deepika Padukone is ranked as one of the most daring and inspirational Bollywood stars and during an interview the star was asked about the struggles she faced, in regards to having to maintain an ideal perception in the eyes of the public, the star’s reply left fans in awe. 

According to a report by IANS, Deepika was quoted telling Tamannaah Bhatia, “I don’t expect myself to be 101 per cent all the time. You got to acknowledge the fact that your body and mind are going to go through different phases. Eventually, it’s all about how you’re feeling and you don’t try to pretend to feel what you’re not going through.”

“It’s about being honest with yourself and acknowledging what you’re going through. I never gave importance to the perception of me and I don’t fight it. It’s about being kind to yourself and allow every process to happen. Although it wasn’t like that initially. When you come from outside of the industry you tend to have perceptions of the glamour world or how an actress should conduct herself. These are all perceptions and you tend to warm up to it and you find yourself. Hopefully, I would want every girl to find her identity and her own comfort zone and to be true and authentic to that versus fitting into a mold that expects you to fit into.”

Deepika revealed that she views her time in Bollywood to be engulfed by a “lot of learning.” She was quoted saying, “I grew up in a sports family and making a shift from that upbringing to move into an industry where all I had was passion, hard work and discipline. I don’t know if I had the understanding or talent but from there to now it has been an evolution of constantly looking, learning, observing and making mistakes along the way. I’m constantly evolving and I’ve learned the most through the movies I’ve done or characters I’ve played.”

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