Deepika Padukone sets the record straight on her introversion

Deepika Padukone has branded her name as an unforgettable actress after years in the entertainment industry. Her openness is one aspect of her which attracts fans to her side. From openly discussing topics such as depression, to working alongside acid attack survivors and spending her birthday with them. 

Recently, Deepika revealed that opening up about her issues with depression, at the height of her career, gave people hope and courage to fight on. 

However, people assume that her shy nature and introversion is due to her battles with the issue. Setting the record straight, the star went on to bust this myth. 

During her interview with Bollywood Life, the star stated, “The two things (her depression and being an introvert) are not connected. I”m still a shy person, I”m still an introvert. Both aspects are completely different from me speaking about depression. It”s like me being an actor — just because I’m shy or an introvert or awkward that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t perform well on camera . Eventually, it takes a lot of me…not that I can’t do it… it just takes a lot of me and from me to put that aspect of my life aside and do what I really have to.”

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