Ajith Kumar’s one of the long-awaited second look poster recently released after a long hype. past two-week Kollywood industry excited with numerous first look poster and teasers like Sarkar, 2Pointo, Petta, Viswasam, Karthi 17. Ajith fans celebrated Visawasam second look poster as a grand festival. The colorful teaser gets both positive as well negative comments lets decode into the poster and find the hidden information.
TN 60

TN 60 – represents Periyakulam RTO which comes under Theni district,shooting of Viswasam completed mainly in Theni and Madurai district of Tamilnadu.


Colorful backdrop of the poster represents a festive celebration in the movie. Since movie is releasing on Pongal the festive event must be an Pongal event and can expect a cultural songs.

Bike and Helmet

We all aware of the connection between Ajith and Bikes. Ajith most of the time will wear helmets and safety gadgets while riding bike and car. Since Ajith wearing a helmet in this poster and people are running this must be a village bike race during Pongal celebration.

Beard Black

First look poster shows 2 Ajith one with salt and pepper look and another with black. In second look poster Ajith comes with Black beard there are possibility of dual role.


Unlike fans celebrating poster. its definitely only for Ajith Kumar. The Poster comes with lots of flaws and poor editing. This guy appears two time in the poster even that editing was done in poor manner

Patching People

Its quite usual to add extra people in posters. but in this poster it was not done perfectly at the right side you could see just a copy paste of a patch

Finger Cut

Poor background editing doesn’t also affects Ajith kumar. Left hand fingers of Ajith kumar hands not properly edited.

With Overall impression poster look good with some flaws, Though there are technological advancements are available these kind of flaws are not even happened in 90’s. Siva should concentrate on his work. If the actor in the poster was not Ajith kumar Siva would have face lot of consequences. Rather than focusing only movie Siva should focus on promotions too.

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