COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, including social distancing and other activities, extended until April 30 as the peak death rate in the country due to the virus is likely to hit in two weeks.

United States President Donald Trump told reporters at White House news conference that he had received advice from his two top public health advisors, who are also members of the White House Task Force on COVID-19: Dr. Deborah Bix and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

They demonstrate that the mitigation measures we are putting in place may significantly reduce the number of new infections and ultimately the number of fatalities

US President Donald Trump during his 2nd Rose Garden press conference

“I want the American people to know that your selfless inspiring and valiant efforts are saving countless lives. You are making the difference. The modeling estimates that the peak and death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,” Presidents additional words on COVID 19 impact.

The United States has the highest number of cases all over the world compared to China. With more than 142,000 Coronavirus affected cases followed by Italy at 97,689, China at 81,999 and Spain at 80,110. Italy has recorded the highest number of deaths with 10,779 then china, followed by Spain’s death toll of 6,803, China’s 3,300 and Iran’s 2,640. 

New York alone recorded nearly 60,000 confirmed coronavirus cases reported with around 965 deaths. The total death toll in the US is raised to 2489. The POTUS also revealed that the new social guidelines measure to contain the coronavirus outbreak will be announced on April 1.

“We can expect that by June 1 we will be well on our way to recovery we think by June 1,” Trump said.

Worldwide, coronavirus cases continue to rise dramatically, with the number of infections crossing 7 lakh on Sunday. The global death toll has crossed the 33,000-mark. 

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