United States of America while addressing public mentioned that fighting against coronavirus pandemic is similar to fight in a war. Covid-19 outbreak would kill more Americans this year then some of the war another state of Art in the past which includes World War 1 Vietnam and Korean Conflicts.

Production released by White House states that coronavirus could be the the leading cause of current US people takes after the heart disease and cancer. Food estimate leak kill people more than 1 lakh to 22.4 lakh American this year even though social distancing and other mitigation are followed.

This could be help of bad two weeks

President of United States of America Donald Trump said at White House briefing Tuesday

As of 2nd April 2020 United States of America recorded the highest number of Total cases which Doubles when compared to Italy. USA records total case for 215344 death rate raised to 5112. The death rate is eventually low when compared to arteries death rate ratio against total cases recorded.

China where the virus claim to started for now recorder to be the fourth place after USA Italy and Spain. President Donald Trump says that Corona virus cases number issued by China is highly doubtful.

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