The highest surge in Coronavirus cases recorded in India this Sunday 20th April which almost 10 % of the case recorded in total. Maharashtra recorded the highest number of cases 552, Gujarat 367 and Uttar Pradesh 179, Delhi 110, and Tamilnadu 105.

Surprisingly Goa recorder zero number of cases after the seventh patient charge from hospital.

Delhi Coronavirus cases

Delhi with the number of cases on Sunday recorded as 110 making the total number of cases in Delhi as 2003 e-state planned several scales up to test and identify the positive hotspots in Delhi.

Maharashtra Covid 19 Cases

The band me continues to grow in maharashtra recorded digestion number of cases in the country mumbai record science number of cases in maharashtra the  capital. 456 cases and 6 death to go with 19 the fertility rate of virus becomes 4.8 percentage. Maharashtra store today raised to 4200 and the desk 223.

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