Sarkar released on Diwali occasion on November 6, 2017. The movie made an all-time record-breaking opening expecting to reach 100 cr club. Though the movie is produced by Sun Pictures film is based on the latest TamilNadu politics. Controversial scenes and dialogues are flooding in Sarkar movie. The villain of the movie is Ex ADMK member Pazha. Karuppiah who was excelled from ADMK by from Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha.

Several ministers condemned the movie scenes and dialogues. Law Minister C.Ve Shanmugam in an interview mention that legal action will be taken in a few days against the production company and actor Vijay. In the meantime, ADMK cadres started the protest against the movie few evening shows were canceled in Madurai due to ADMK protest.

Banners and cutouts of Vijay and Sarkar movie are broken and torn out by ADMK cadres in Chennai Kasi theatre. l Videos doing the rounds on social media. Police protections were made for all theatres in Coimbatore, Madurai, and Theni.

Tirupur Subramaniyan said the Sarkar Production company agreed to remove the controversial scenes.

Sarkar production company Sun Pictures agreed to theatre owners request to cut down the controversial scenes. Fresh copy of the film without any controversial scenes will be sent to Censor board within tonight.

Controversial Scenes:

  • Scenes about Freebies (Tv, Grinder, Mixers)
  • Komalavalli (So called name of Ex Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha)
  • Pala Karuppiah death scenes
  • Stage scene Vijay interacting with Pala Karuppiah.

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