Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent election rally claimed that Many Congressman wants to kill me. Lok Sabha election campaign is in full swing. The election commission announced that General Elections will take place in 7 Phase all over the Nation and 4 Phases of election completed in various states of India. Narendra Modi in recent Campaign stated that Congress planning to create a Family regim in India once again. Congress stopping BJP from making development to the nation but BJP trying all their best to make developments to the nation.

Modi also claims that Congress rule begin in Madhya Pradesh from December from the day of Congress rule begins their is a huge water scarcity all over the state and it is nor resolved yet.

Modi during the rally mentioned that Congress showing Hatred against me and few of the Congress man dreaming to kill me. But people of Madhya Pradesh and India are with me to save the nation from congress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Congress Party would call on the Indian Army to talk to the security forces on the issue of terrorism. Prime Minister Modi pointed out that his TV channels were banned in Sri Lanka.

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