Chunky Pandey’s reaction on daughter Ananya Panday getting trolled

New girl on the block Ananya Panday may have entered the industry only a while ago but the actor already has a massive fan base clinging to her personal life. 

Speaking about just that, the star child’s superstar father Chunky Pandey got candid with Mumbai Mirror in an interview as he addressed her success in Bollywood and all the times she has faced criticism.

Regarding her success, Chunky revealed that while he too is no stranger to fame and glory, his daughter’s success comes as even more exciting to him.

He also spoke about the continuous and recurrent trolling the newbie gets at the hands of social media users, saying: “The two times she really got trolled was when she called me Tony Stark and when she compared his absence from Karan Johar’s chat show as a sign of struggle. I want to tell her to stop taking my name.”

He also shed light on her love life and how it always manages to pique the public’s interest: “She is 21, it would be abnormal if she didn’t have a boyfriend. I have been through this in my time so I know how much of it is true. You are ready for these things as an insider.” 

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