China, the first to suffer the Coronavirus, has started the first phase of the clinical trial of its vaccine. It has been prepared by the Military Scientist of China. Interestingly, only last week, the US announced that it had started clinical trials of a vaccine named mRNA-1273.

According to an entry made in China’s clinical trial registry on March 17 this month, the trial will continue till the end of this year. On Saturday, Science and Technology Daily informed that the first batch of volunteers aged between 18 and 60 years have been prepared. They are divided into 3 groups and each group has 36 people.

These 108 people will be quarantined by giving different amounts of medicine for 14 days. The effect on these for 6 months will be monitored. According to a staff member, these people have been vaccinated. Currently, no approved vaccine is ready to stop COVID19.

China and the United States are in the race to make the first vaccine. However, it may take time to produce a safe and effective medicine. It may take a year and a half to come to use the vaccine created by Moderna Inc, a biotechnology company based in the US’s National Institute of Health and Massachusetts. At the same time, the antiviral treatment remodeling in Asia is in its last phase. Chinese doctors have described it as effective against Corona. It is yet to be seen whether it is safe or not.

Medicine recommendation for COVID 19 Nati

Indian National Task Force for COVID19 constituted by Indian Council of Medical Research recommends the use of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID19 for high-risk cases.

This is not a complete cure for the COVID 19 but it prevents the Coronavirus not spread further. The Protocol released by the Indian National Taskforce was approved by the Drug Control General of India and mention to use on emergency cases.