The world pandemic coronavirus is from China and United States will not take it lightly e says President Donald Trump.

It came from China. We are not happy about it. We just signed a trade deal, the ink wasn’t dry, and all of a sudden this floated in. We are not going to take it lightly,

Trump said participating in a Listening Session with African-American Leaders in Michigan

Trump from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic keeps on mentioning that China virus instead of coronavirus again Pointing the pandemic towards China for the reason. Even last week we mentioned China’s inability to to control the spread of virus made the Global disaster.

Trump even mentioned he has the clear evidences on China For spreading the virus but as not even mentioned any indications of the steps that he is contemplating taking against China.

Trump stops funding to WHO and claims that w h o is purposely hiding informations about coronavirus origin from China.

United States incurred huge loss in various sectors due to the pandemic and lockdown. It also wants to China to to settle the financial losses happened to various countries all over the world due to the pandemic.

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