Bhopal district court issued a death warrant against the school teacher who convicted as accuse for raping a four year old child. The child was the student of the school teacher. The Rapist Mahendra Singh Gond will be first person to hanged to death under the new law for child rapist. Execcution will be held on March 2nd in Jabalpur Jail.

This Incident happend on June 30th 2018, Rapist Mahendra Singh Gond kidnapped and rapped the girl and dumped her near the Jungle. Gond assumed that the girl was dead and left the place. This incident shook the entire nation. Madhya Pradesh police department took a shift action to find the girl and luckily she was alive. State Government made an instant decision to airlift her to Delhi AIIMS. The Minor girl undergone several injuries and her intestines were realigned. The Minor girl could able to bring up her life with her strong will.

From the statement of Minor Girl Police took a video conferencing to take her statement. A Division bench of Madhya Pradesh on January 25th considering this crimes as “rarest of rare” issued a death penalty on Gond. Rapist Gond will be hanged to death on 5 AM on March 2nd.

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