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Sun pictures all set to make Chandramukhi 2 do after lockdown

Chandramukhi the all time Kollywood blockbuster all set to start its part 2. Super blockbuster Chandramukhi produced by Shivaji films it was the all time favourite and long running movie recorded in Tamil history. Superstar Rajinikanth made the lead role in the movie. Chandramukhi was lady superstar Nayanthara second movie with makes her to reach highest point in Kollywood.

The horror movie was released in the year 2005 after 15 years movie was part 2. This successful movie was remade many other Indian languages. Movie Boss also plan to make part 2 in Kannada but due to Sun reasons movie was dropped after help of hero critical. Rajnikant was not ready to do part 2 Chandramukhi movie was on hold for very long time.

Since Rajnikant is planning start his own political party probably will be acting for one or two years. Currently Rajnikant working for Annathe for Sun Pictures pictures Hunter under Viswasam Shiva.

Raghava Lawrence die-hard fan of superstar Rajinikanth made this shocking announcement of Chandramukhi 2 today. Raghava Lawrence who has done many comedy horror movies will be doing part 2 of Chandramukhi under the direction of P Vasu.

Hi friends and fans I want to share a happy news with you all. One of my next project is my Thalaivar movie Chandramukhi 2 I am so lucky to act in this project with Thalaivar’s permission and blessings which is is directed by P Vasu sir and produced by my lucky producer Sun pictures kalanidhi Maran sir

Raghava Lawrence announcement about Chandramukhi 2

From the advance received from some pictures Raghava Lawrence have donated 3 crores to Corona viruses relief fund. In the 3 crores 50 lacs to p.m. cares fund 50 lacs to CM relief fund, 50 lacs to FEFSI union 50 lacs for dancers Union and 25 lacs for physically abled boys and 75 lacs for daily labours and for people from birthplace Royapuram.

Brazil President Bolsonaro thanks Modi and people of India with Hanuman Reference

Brazil President Bolsonaro while addressing the nation extended is gratitude to two Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and people of India for helping Brazil and other South American countries in the war to fight against novel coronavirus pandemic. This comes after India lift the ban on export of hydroxychloroquine.

We have more good news come of direct conversation with Prime Minister of India. We will receive raw materials for the production of hydroxychloroquine so that we can treat patients after 19 as well as lupus, malaria and Arthritis. Bank Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the people of India part as timely help to help the people of Brazil

Brazil President Bolsonaro

Hanuman Reference in Brazil request

Brazil president wrote a letter 2 Prime Minister of India requesting the raw materials for the production of hydroxychloroquine along with he mentioned the ancient Indian Ramayana mentioning the story of how Hanuman brought the holy medicine from Himalayas to treat Rama’s brother Lakshmanan who was injured during the fight with Ravanan and in Sri Lanka. He also mentioned Jesus Christ who healed dost where sick and restore the sight to Bartimeu. India and Brazil by joining their forces and sharing blessings of each Nations will overcome the Global crisis.

On 25th of March India Bans the export of hydroxychloroquine and other all raw materials used for the manufacture of any type of medicine to any foreign countries. On 2nd of April president of United States Donald Trump requested Prime Minister Modi in a special call to supply hydroxychloroquine Modi also issued that India will supply adequate hydroxychloroquine to United States. During a press conference held in White House press journalist ask the question of India’s ban on hydroxychloroquine export.

Donald Trump mentioned that he is not aware of India’s export ban on hydroxychloroquine but Prime Minister Modi I should that he will supply enough hydroxychloroquine India also receiving shoes number of thread benefits from India if it fails to supply it will face retaliation from United States and what is wrong on retaliation if it.

Few minutes after the retaliation statement, India I should to supply I hydroxychloroquine to United States with humanity

Inna feat Indian Ministry of External Affairs assured to supply raw materials required for the production of hydroxychloroquine 2 Spain government as per their requirement in a tweet

Vijay’s Master Trailer set to Release Tomorrow

Master the upcoming movie of actor Vijay trailer is set to release on April 10th. This and confirmed news circulating in social media after screenshot of trailer leaked in social media. The leaked picture is about the scene of actor Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi. The scene resembles the Epic Vikram Vedas investigation scene.

But the leaked picture was a morphed picture of Vijay’s Mersal movie investigation scene with Sathyaraj and Vijay Sethupathi investigation scene with Madhavan in Vikram Veda.

Crew earlier planned to to release the trailer on April 2nd evening 5:00 p.m. few minutes after the announcement director Lokesh kanagaraj deleted his tweet about the trailer release announcement.

Trailer release on 10th of April is not confirmed either by director Lokesh kanagaraj 9 by producer Xavier. Master become one of the most anticipated movie of the year and heavily affected by coronavirus. Do movie e post completed shooting and post production works are also completed audio launch also released still some promotion works are yet to be completed. Movie was planned to release on 14th of April on Tamil new years Eve but due to the lockdown release date was postponed. Since the release date was postponed trailer release was also delayed.

Master audio launch happened in Leela Palace with Limited number of fans and crew members due to Corona virus outbreak.

Vijay Sethupathi Speech in Master audio launch

Malavika Mohanan opens up about Vijay in Master Audio Launch

70+ sizzling pictures of Malavika Mohanan

It seems that producer Xavier wants to release trailer only a few weeks ahead of the movie release. Since the movie release date cannot be confirmed due to the lockdown trailer release is also not possible during the lockdown period until and unless either the end of the lockdown period should be announced or movie release date is announced.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to make a huge announcement about the lockdown on the 11th of April this announcement may extend the lockdown 2 June. It also mentioned that is going to take a hard decision to control coronavirus pandemic in India.

21 ISKCON temple devotees tested positive for Coronavirus symptoms, 5 dead

5 people dead and 16 other hospitalized who are devotees of the Iskcon Temple. Rameshwar Das one of the deceased person among the five, an elderly disciple of Bhakti Charu Swami while the name of other members who passed away due to Coronavirus outbreak remains unknown. Dhananjay Das one of the 16 other members who is undergoing treatment currently is one of the first to join Iskcon temple in UK.

This Iskcon temple in United Kingdom as over 15000 members there were around 1000 members gathered for the funeral of a another devotee on 12th of March. The chairperson of ISKCON governing body Commission United Kingdom said that no restrictions were in place in United Kingdom at the time and 15th of March 2020 when the Memorial was held. Pradosha das the chairperson also mentioned that all ISKCON temples Where are closed from 16th March week before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the complete lockdown.

It is expected that more than 100 devotees would be for possible infected in them coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also affected by coronavirus yesterday he was shifted to intensive can after the symptoms have gone worse.

Iskcon temple in United Kingdom community is similar to tabligi jamaat event held in Delhi Nizamuddin which was attended by around hey 1800 people out of them 1445 people were attended the meat tested positive for Coronavirus.

Ajith Kumar donates 1.25 crores for Coronavirus pandemic

South Indian Super Star Ajith donated 1.25 to fight against coronavirus pandemic in India.

Ajith Kumar is now currently working for his upcoming movie Valimai under the promising director H Vinoth under Boney Kapoor production. Team currently postponed the shoot due to the nationwide lockdown in India. The last know location of the shooting spot was Ramoji Film Visit. Ajith Kumar was locked in Hyderabad due to the lockdown. He recently reached Chennai in a dedicated special flight.

Announcement today surprised everyone yes Ajith Kumar donated a huge some amount of ₹ 1,25,00,000 to fight against coronavirus Outbreak in India. He donated a 50 lac to PM CARES and 50 lac to CM Welfare fund and 25 lac to FEFSI unit. Ajith made the highest donation amount in Tamilnadu.

Ajit Kumar completed 4 consecutive films with director Shiva. After sign in with Boney Kapoor bayview productions h Vinoth Rog into the movie and made a Bollywood remake of blockbuster movie Pink. Though director Vinod is not satisfied in making a remake film for Ajith Kumar Boney Kapoor don’t want to make any compromise in story since Neer Konda Paarvai was his first movie in Tamil. Director and Ajith officially signed the second movie also for bayview production. Second movie name d as Valimai is now under shooting.

Ajith expected to play cop roll once again in the movie. Several shooting spot stills for already leaked. No official working stills for posters released yet for the movie.

Donald Trump warns retaliation on India if fails to supply Hydroxychloroquine

The United States Of America President Donald Trump on retaliation on India if it fails to supply hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine medicine used to treat Malaria which is being used in India to treat coronavirus patients. The number of patients has also responded positively hydroxychloroquine.

5th of April, President Donald Trump announced that he made a call to two Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting to supply hydroxychloroquine to the United States. Accepting the request from President Trump Indian Prime Minister Modi assured that India will do all medical assistance to the United States. A few days earlier director general of foreign trade India made the restriction on the export of ITCHS includes ventilator surgical disposable mask textile raw material used for making the mask and raw materials used for making medicines of any kind which includes hydroxychloroquine.

A journalist during the press conference held in White House asks that question about review of Narendra Modi’s export ban on hydroxychloroquine. Answering the question of journalist President Trump says I am not aware of the information of ban. I requested Modi on Sunday morning and assured to supply hydroxychloroquine if it fails it may end in retaliation.

I Don’t like Modi’s decision, India is taking advantage United States Trade.

Retaliation Effects

As Trump announced Retaliation. It could be of any form which even includes war or Trade ban on India

Administration as already created strategies to stop file of 29 million doses of Malaria drug. United States have lost more than 10000 lives and 3.6 lakh infected peoples are now

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in ICU after Coronavirus worsen

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to ICU as his coronavirus symptoms worsened. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will be temporarily take over the Prime Minister’s duties while Boris is hospitalized, the government officials said.

Boris Johnson was conscious when he was moved to the ICU around 7 p.m. GMT. His medical team made the decision to move him to that unit as a precaution in case he needed ventilation.

It was announced that on March 27 that he had contracted the disease and was experiencing “mild symptoms,” including “a temperature and a persistent cough.” Weeks later Boris wrote on Twitter that he had entered a hospital “for some routine tests as I’m still experiencing coronavirus symptoms. I’m in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team, as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe,”

Prince Charles also tested positive for Novel Coronavirus. He was self isolated in BrikHall. Later it was announced that he was recovered.

“Since Sunday evening, the Prime Minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, after being admitted with persistent symptoms of coronavirus, Over the course of this afternoon, the condition of the Prime Minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital,The PM has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is the First Secretary of State, to deputise for him where necessary,” the spokesman added. “The PM is receiving excellent care, and thanks all NHS staff for their hard work and dedication.” says the spokesperson from No. 10 Downing Street 

Statue of Unity Sold in OLX for ₹30,000 Cr in Online

The world’s Tallest statue sold in OLX for ₹ 30,000Cr. Statue of Unity statue made for Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and the banks of the Narmada river inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 2018.

After a news article reported to the Statue of Unity authorities stating that Statue of Unity was advertised in OLX for rupees 30000. FIR has been filed against the unknown person in Gujarat who placed the ad in OLX. According to the OLX selling description it was mentioned that the money generated from the sales of Unity statue would be used to help the government to meet its expenses for the hospital equipment and medical infrastructure for the Corona virus pandemic.

The FIR filed under cheating and forgery case, epidemic disease act and information technology act said police officer PT Choudhary. Head was removed by OLX very soon after the issue arises.

As per the words of chief administrator of the Statue of Unity ” such an advertisement hurts the sentiment of several crore people who idealize Sardar Patel”

Statue of Unity was built to honour India’s first home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Is efforts too much 542 princely states to India was and comparable to any other efforts. The world’s tallest statue has attracted several lack of tourist things from the inauguration date October 2018

Kamal Haasan slams Prime Minister Modi in a Open letter

Actor Politician Kamal Hassan wrote a open letter to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi about his last two briefings over Coronavirus pandemic.

Open letter Makkal Neethi maiyam founder Kamal Hassan mentioned that this lockdown would be a disaster similar to demonetisation. Though millions of people follows Modi’s words needs to address very carefully. Kamal Hassan also compared the people who light and lamps and there’s yesterday with the poor people who hot suffering to cook rotis without oil.

Kamal Hassan open letter to prime Minister Narendra Modi

I pen this letter as a responsible but dismayed citizen of aur country. In my first letter to you dated 23 March, I had urged the government to not lose sight of the plight of the unsung heroes of our
society, the most downtrodden, the weak and the dependent. The very next day, the nation heard the announcement of a strict and immediate lockdown, almost demonetization style. I was taken
a back but I chose to trust you, my elected leader, The one we would like lo believe knows besl. I had chosen to trust you even when you announced demonetization but time proved I was wrong. Time proved you too were wrong sir.

Firstly, let me assure you that you are still the nation’s chosen leader and 1.4 bn Indians including
yours truly will follow every direction of yours during this crisis. Today, there is probably no other world leader who has such a mass following. You speak, they follow. Today the country has risen to the occasion and invested its trust in your office. You must have noticed that even your naysayers clapped and cheered when you gave the tall to do so in order to appreciate the countless health-workers working selflessly and tirelessly for the masses.

We will comply to your wishes and orders but our compliance must not be confused as our subjugation. My own role as a leader of my people entails me to speak my mind and question your ways. Please pardon my lack of etiquette, if any.

My biggest fear is that the same mistake of demonetization is being repeated albeit at a much bigger scale. While demonetization led to loss of savings and livelihood of the poorest, this I’ll planned lockdown is leading us to a fatal combination of loss of both life and livelihood. The poor have nobody to look upto except you sir. On one hand you are asking the more privileged people to put up a spectacle of lights while on the other hand the poor man’s plight is itself becoming a shameful spectacle.

While your world lit up oil diyas in their balcanies, the poor are struggling to
gather enough oil to bake their next roti. Your last two addresses to the nation had you trying to calm the people which is necessary in these trying times but there is something more urgent as well as important than that.

These psychotherapy techniques can address the first world anxiety
problems of the ‘haves’ who have a balcony to cheer. But what about those who don’t even have

Look out Indians responded to Prime Minister Modi 9 pm turn off light call

In Order to control the noble coronavirus Prime Minister Modi call for Janata Curfew March 22nd. Janata Curfew gets positive response all over the Nation. Prime Minister Modi later announce lockdown for 21 days which ends on April 15th in order to avoid coronavirus pandemic.

During the lockdown period both Central Government and state governments on taking responsive and responsible measures in order to to control the pandemic all over the Nation. 28th of March movie called people of India to clap their hands inside their home to thank for the doctors nurse police and who are all working to control coronavirus pandemic.

After the announcement several Twitter its started writing there is astrological ping clapping hands together. Most of the north Indian peoples from Delhi and Mumbai started celebrating the events Holi March which is completely against the social distancing. Prime Minister Modi was upset with the activities of the people who are not taken the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and doing such activities.

The clap event which Modi announced falls on Saturday but right after the next week Modi Release Date short video on April Sunday 9:00 p.m. people of the nation should turn off their lights for 9 minutes in the meantime they can use lamps torches and mobile lights.

As per the electricity officials it’s not necessary to turn off all electrical items in the home. Only electrical items like likes bulbs should be turned off. Electricity department would expect High Voltage fluctuation when Lights Are turned off after 9 minutes. Street lights would not be turned off during the event.

So Far not Power Grid failure recorded in any part of the nation

Check out the reaction of public for 9 minutes Turn off lights at 9:00 p.m.