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Triple Talaaq Bill passed in Rajya Sabha with 99 Yes

BJP has successfully passed the controversial Muthalak Bill even in the Rajya Sabha. In the Rajya Sabha, the BJP does not have a majority to pass the bills. The BJP, however, managed to pass the bills with the help alliance parties and their walkouts. The BJP is carrying out amendments to the

Senior Congress leader Jaipal Reddy passed away

Jaipal Reddy is the one who caused a big stir in Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Group when he was the Union Minister.Jaipal Reddy was born in 1942 in Nalakonda district of Telangana. He traveled for a lifetime with the help of crutches. From 1969 to 1984 he was elected four times as MLA of Kalvaguruthi constituency. […]

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko takes oath as Rajya Sabha MP

Vaiko became the Rajya Sabha MP after long years. He was formally sworn in at the Rajya Sabha today. It is significant that he took oath in Tamil then. Elections to the six vacant Rajya Sabha posts were held on 18 July. Mohammed Khan, Chandrasekhar and Bamaka’s Anumani filed nominations on behalf of the AIADMK. […]

Vaiko enters Parliament once again as a Rajya Sabha member

MDMK General Seceratary Vaiko confirms to enter Rajya Sabha member after 23 years. Vaiko who was a notable person in Tamilnadu politics been in politics for more than 50 years. Vaiko began his political career from DMK. Vaiko recently convicted for his Pro-LTTE statement and Justice Shanti awarded him year imprisonment and 10,000 Rs fine. […]