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Second Positive Case Recorded in Mumbai’s Dharavi: Coronavirus OutBreak

The 2nd case of COVID19 has been confirmed in Mumbai Dharavi, stated Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). 52-year-old BMC sanitization worker found positive for the Coronavirus. He stays in the Working area but was posted at Dharavi for cleaning.

This Sanitization worker tested positive had developed symptoms and was advised by the BMC to support for treatment. His family members & 23 other colleagues were asked to quarantine.

On April 1st, 2020, Another 56-year-old man tested positive for coronavirus, died at SION hospital. He had Coronavirus symptoms fever, cough, respiratory issues and also had co-morbid conditions of renal failure. The other 7 members of his family have been placed under self-quarantine and the building he lived in has been sealed.

Dharavi is a highly densely populated area located in Mumbai with over 15 lakh people, with spread over 613 hectares, and could very likely become an infection hotspot. Many media reports claim that social distancing in such a densely populated slum is highly impossible. New Indian Express report stated that five to eight people sharing a 100 sq ft of room. As per the guidelines of social distancing set by WHO, one person should get to stay a minimum of 20 sq ft of the area but in Dharavi, it is less than 10 sq ft.

State Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of positive COVID-19 cases with 335 and 13 dead so far after being infected by the virus. In India, the positive cases have risen to 1965 on Thursday and the death toll from the deadly virus reached 50.    

Coronavirus would kill more Americans than World War : White House Projection

United States of America while addressing public mentioned that fighting against coronavirus pandemic is similar to fight in a war. Covid-19 outbreak would kill more Americans this year then some of the war another state of Art in the past which includes World War 1 Vietnam and Korean Conflicts.

Production released by White House states that coronavirus could be the the leading cause of current US people takes after the heart disease and cancer. Food estimate leak kill people more than 1 lakh to 22.4 lakh American this year even though social distancing and other mitigation are followed.

This could be help of bad two weeks

President of United States of America Donald Trump said at White House briefing Tuesday

As of 2nd April 2020 United States of America recorded the highest number of Total cases which Doubles when compared to Italy. USA records total case for 215344 death rate raised to 5112. The death rate is eventually low when compared to arteries death rate ratio against total cases recorded.

China where the virus claim to started for now recorder to be the fourth place after USA Italy and Spain. President Donald Trump says that Corona virus cases number issued by China is highly doubtful.

SBI has decided to defer that payment of installments EMIs

In excellent news to customers who receive EMI payment notifications at the beginning of the month, State Bank of India (SBI) has decided to defer that payment of installments and interest/EMIs on Term Loans due between March 1 and will 31 for 3 months.

The decision is in line with RBI’s relief package announced on Friday that asked all banks to provide its customers a three-month moratorium for on term loans. during the lockdown period

SBI made the announcement through its official Twitter handle.

“In terms of RBI COVID19 regulatory package, SBI has initiated steps to defer the installments and interest/EMIs on Term Loans falling due between 01.03.2020 and 31.05.2020 and extended the repayment period by 3 months. The interest on assets facilities for the amount 01.03.2020 and 31.05.2020 is additionally deferred to 30.6.2020,” it wrote on Twitter

Along with SBI, several banks sent tweets to inform their customers that they have deferred the payment of EMIs on term loans whose instalments are due between March 1 and up to May 31 by three months.

On March 27, the Reserve Bank of India permitted all banks and lending institutions to allow a 3-month moratorium on all loans. “All lending institutions are allowed to defer interest on working capital repayments by three months. The moratorium on term loans, deferment of interest payment will not result in asset classification downgrade and banks may reassess the working capital cycle. It will not be treated as NPA,” the RBI Governor had said.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation seals coronavirus affected areas in Mumbai

With more than 150 coronavirus cases reported from Mumbai alone, the highest from any city in India. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is making all their all efforts to fight against time to seal the areas where positive cases have been found. 

BMC seals on the places where Coronavirus cases are confirmed.

So far, the civic body has sealed 140 neighborhoods. Which includes 48 in South Mumbai, 46 in West Mumbai and 48 in East Mumbai. Only essential vehicles are allowed to enter and exit from these places even after several checkups.

Besides Mumbai, municipal authorities in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Dombivali are also planned to take the same action. Earlier, the BMC announced that it had started the Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of coronavirus affected areas in the city. Maps of the areas where there is a higher number of coronavirus cases will be posted on the civic body’s website, BMC commissioner Praveen Pardeshi said this information in a release on Tuesday.

The State of Maharashtra is the most affected state in India with around 320 cases being reported. Death toll in the state reached 12 after two more COVID-19 patients died, health officials said on Wednesday. Thirty nine coronavirus positive patients have been discharged after recovery. 

A 75-year-old man from Mumbai and a 50-year-old man in Palghar district died due to coronavirus. “The 75-year-old male patient died here on Tuesday. We are finding details of his travel history and also checking if someone close to him had a travel history,” an official said.

Kanika Kapoor Tested Coronavirus Positive for 5th Time: Met Prince Charles

Bollywood Actress and Singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive once again COVID19. Kanika Kapoor arrested for the FIR filed against her for spreading Coronvirus in India. She recently visited the United Kingdom and returned to India without making a Coronavirus test in Airport Terminal. She and her sister also skipped the CVOID 19 test and entered India. Purposely Kanika attended two gatherings including holiday celebration.

Delhi EX Chief Minister Vasundra and MP Dushyant also attended the same gathering participated by Kanika Kapoor. MP Dushyant also attended Parliament session meeting. Its also rumored that Dushyant also met President Ram Nath Govind before testing coronavirus.

Kanika Kapoor Met Prince Charles

Out of all notable cases affected in the world. Prince of Wales Charles is also affected. He has been isolated in BrikHall. Kanika Kapoor attended a party and met Prince Charles on 17th June 2019 pictures if the event went viral after Prince Charles tested positive.

FIR filed against Kanika and taken into custody for the treatment on March 20. Kanika is presently admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), Lucknow. Director of the institute, Prof. RK Dhiman said that the singer’s condition was stable and there was no cause for worry. He also said that she is taking food normally and information circulated in the media that she is very sick is false. she was tested for the 5th time and positive for COVID 19 for the 5th Consecutive time.

UP man calls Coronavirus helpline and now cleaning drainage

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreading drastically across India, Nation is under complete lockdown. several bizarre incidents are emerging which shows how people are taking the situation lightly.

The Uttar Pradesh government has set up an dedicated helpline numbers to help needy people during the 21 days lockdown. The helpline number has been receiving several odd calls even during the critical situations.

A man repeatedly called the coronavirus helpline number and demanded Samosa for him. This incident happened several times. District magistrate Aunjaneya Kumar granted his wish and handed over punishment to him and made into clean drainage. In order to teach lessons to other spam callers he took Twitter and shared the incident and pictures.

In a tweet shared in Hindi, Singh details how the man called in for the samosas. After repeated warnings, the samosas were sent to him but with a ‘little gift’.

The man was ordered to clean a local drain as punishment for the calls he made to the control room.

As reported by Times of India, the Rampur helpline number receives many such calls on a daily basis. A day before someone wanted pizza delivered at his home.

The tweets have received a ton of reactions from people on Twitter.

“Tit for tat!” says a Twitter user. “Well done sir!” says another.

India has imposed a 21-day lockdown till April 14 to combat the spread of novel coronavirus.

Actor and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan writes to Tamilnadu Chief Minister

Actor and Jana Sena lead Pawan Kalyan made a tweet and requested to help stranded Andhra Pradesh fishermen who are stranded in Chennai Harbour earlier today. Tamilnadu Chief Minister made swift action and supplied essentials to stranded fishermen and made reply tweet to Pawan Kalyan.

Around 30 fishermen from Ch cold country village, Sompeta Mandal in Srikakulam district who went fishing towards Tamilnadu seacoast are stuck in Chennai Harbour without food and shelter due to the lockdown.
All those families are worried. I humbly request Tamil Nadu chief minister Palanisamy to provide the required protection to the 30 fishermen.

Also, I appeal to the district magistrate of Srikakulam to visit the fisherman families and provide necessary support and show solidarity.

In reply to who actor Pawan Kalyan tweet Tamil Nadu chief minister replied that Tamil Nadu authorities have made Andhra fishermen representatives and distributed food packets, waters and other essential commodities and assured that they are safe and secure and let their families not to worry about their situations right now.

After Edappadi Palaniswami’s reply tweet Actor and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan made another thankful tweet it in Tamil.

My heartfely gratitude to மாண்புமிகு தமிழக முதல்வர் திரு. Eddappadi K Palanisami அவர்கள், for his prompt response to rescue branded Andhra Pradesh fishermen in in in search hectic schedule of lockdown issue.

Reacting to my request honorable CM Thiru Eddappadi Palanisami, as directed is officials to take necessary steps to rescue the fisherman it is glad to note that the TN officials have approached the fisherman in Chennai Harbour and distributed groceries and necessary goods the fisherman for facing many hardship without food and basic needs since the clamping of lockdown the noble gesture of yours will be etched permanently in the hearts of Telugu people thank you sir

Pawan Kalyan’s Thankful tweet to Tamilnadu CM

Death rate increases Social distancing extends till April 30 amid COVID-19 spread

COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, including social distancing and other activities, extended until April 30 as the peak death rate in the country due to the virus is likely to hit in two weeks.

United States President Donald Trump told reporters at White House news conference that he had received advice from his two top public health advisors, who are also members of the White House Task Force on COVID-19: Dr. Deborah Bix and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

They demonstrate that the mitigation measures we are putting in place may significantly reduce the number of new infections and ultimately the number of fatalities

US President Donald Trump during his 2nd Rose Garden press conference

“I want the American people to know that your selfless inspiring and valiant efforts are saving countless lives. You are making the difference. The modeling estimates that the peak and death rate is likely to hit in two weeks,” Presidents additional words on COVID 19 impact.

The United States has the highest number of cases all over the world compared to China. With more than 142,000 Coronavirus affected cases followed by Italy at 97,689, China at 81,999 and Spain at 80,110. Italy has recorded the highest number of deaths with 10,779 then china, followed by Spain’s death toll of 6,803, China’s 3,300 and Iran’s 2,640. 

New York alone recorded nearly 60,000 confirmed coronavirus cases reported with around 965 deaths. The total death toll in the US is raised to 2489. The POTUS also revealed that the new social guidelines measure to contain the coronavirus outbreak will be announced on April 1.

“We can expect that by June 1 we will be well on our way to recovery we think by June 1,” Trump said.

Worldwide, coronavirus cases continue to rise dramatically, with the number of infections crossing 7 lakh on Sunday. The global death toll has crossed the 33,000-mark. 

Real reason behind Isolation poster outside Kamal Haasan residence

Coronavirus outbreak is massive than expected regardless of so many restrictions. Prime Minister Modi. On day 4 people of India following Janta Curfew governments taking strict actions for quarantine. Tamilnadu Government have taken steps to isolate people who had foreign travel in the past 2 months.

As per official record Actress Gowthami who’s Ex wife of Actor and Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan made foreign travel in past 2 months. Gowthami mentioned her Passport address as Kamal Haasan residence and MNM’ office address. Chennai corporation without verifying Gowthami presence pasted self isolation poster outside Alwarpet residence.

Later clarification from Kamal Haasan side self isolation poster has been removed from the residence.

Kamal hassan mentioned that am not staying in Alwarpet residence for few months and am not affected by Coronavirus. Am isolating myself for safety.As per close source Kamal Haasan is staying in star hotel.

Actor Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai residence

Actor and Politician Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai Alwarpet residence.

Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading all over the world. India managing to stop the spread in various safety measures. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for Janata Curfew a initiative to prevent the spread of the virus. Section 144 implemented in Tamilnadu and publics being isolated inside the residence.

Actor and Founder of Makkal Needhi Maiyam isolated in his Alwarpet residence. Chennai corporation isolated him alone and pasted isolation notice in his residence. Fans and party members started questioning about the isolation notice verification. Signature in the notice is doubtful and Kamal Haasan not even made any foreign trips in recent times.

It’s to be noted that Kamal Haasan daughters Shruti Hassan and Akasara Haasan made foreign trips in last month.

Notice has been removed from his residence after this news arises. As per the Chennai corporation notices will be pasted only if any members from the residence made foreign trips. But Kamalhaasan not made any trips. As per Corporation report we don’t have any details of the person who made trips but only the address of the residence. As per Indian officials around 15 lac people made foreign trips and their residence are being isolated randomly not based on any criteria.