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Actor and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan writes to Tamilnadu Chief Minister

Actor and Jana Sena lead Pawan Kalyan made a tweet and requested to help stranded Andhra Pradesh fishermen who are stranded in Chennai Harbour earlier today. Tamilnadu Chief Minister made swift action and supplied essentials to stranded fishermen and made reply tweet to Pawan Kalyan.

Around 30 fishermen from Ch cold country village, Sompeta Mandal in Srikakulam district who went fishing towards Tamilnadu seacoast are stuck in Chennai Harbour without food and shelter due to the lockdown.
All those families are worried. I humbly request Tamil Nadu chief minister Palanisamy to provide the required protection to the 30 fishermen.

Also, I appeal to the district magistrate of Srikakulam to visit the fisherman families and provide necessary support and show solidarity.

In reply to who actor Pawan Kalyan tweet Tamil Nadu chief minister replied that Tamil Nadu authorities have made Andhra fishermen representatives and distributed food packets, waters and other essential commodities and assured that they are safe and secure and let their families not to worry about their situations right now.

After Edappadi Palaniswami’s reply tweet Actor and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan made another thankful tweet it in Tamil.

My heartfely gratitude to மாண்புமிகு தமிழக முதல்வர் திரு. Eddappadi K Palanisami அவர்கள், for his prompt response to rescue branded Andhra Pradesh fishermen in in in search hectic schedule of lockdown issue.

Reacting to my request honorable CM Thiru Eddappadi Palanisami, as directed is officials to take necessary steps to rescue the fisherman it is glad to note that the TN officials have approached the fisherman in Chennai Harbour and distributed groceries and necessary goods the fisherman for facing many hardship without food and basic needs since the clamping of lockdown the noble gesture of yours will be etched permanently in the hearts of Telugu people thank you sir

Pawan Kalyan’s Thankful tweet to Tamilnadu CM

Actor Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai residence

Actor and Politician Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai Alwarpet residence.

Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading all over the world. India managing to stop the spread in various safety measures. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for Janata Curfew a initiative to prevent the spread of the virus. Section 144 implemented in Tamilnadu and publics being isolated inside the residence.

Actor and Founder of Makkal Needhi Maiyam isolated in his Alwarpet residence. Chennai corporation isolated him alone and pasted isolation notice in his residence. Fans and party members started questioning about the isolation notice verification. Signature in the notice is doubtful and Kamal Haasan not even made any foreign trips in recent times.

It’s to be noted that Kamal Haasan daughters Shruti Hassan and Akasara Haasan made foreign trips in last month.

Notice has been removed from his residence after this news arises. As per the Chennai corporation notices will be pasted only if any members from the residence made foreign trips. But Kamalhaasan not made any trips. As per Corporation report we don’t have any details of the person who made trips but only the address of the residence. As per Indian officials around 15 lac people made foreign trips and their residence are being isolated randomly not based on any criteria.

Durai Vaiko shares awareness video on Coronavirus Outbreak

Durai Vaiko businessman and son of MDMK General secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko shared a social awareness video about Coronavirus Pandemic. This MBA graduate is not part of MDMK so far and there is no authentic news to confirm his presence in MDMK.

Durai Vaiko about Coronavirus

In a short video explained about COVID 19 and benefits of social distancing. Coronavirus has spread all over the world China marked with 80,000 cases, Italy with 50,000 cases , 20,000 cases in Spain Iran, Germany and Britain with 15,000 cases, and USA with 15,000 cases as on March 21st. As Per Indian government official statement its 200+ cases registered but as per my knowledge it would more than 1000 cased but most of them would have not registered yet. Symptoms of COVID 19 cannot be found as soon as infected by coronavirus even in the medical test rather it would take some days to find it even in the medical test.

With a population of more than 1.38 Billion whereas Italy with 60 Million, Italy registered with 50,000 cases and death rate around 4000+. With the highest population in India its very difficult to control the Coronavirus Pandemic. India needs 1 Doctor per 1000 patients, 1 hospital per 1000 patients with individual beds.

Durai Vaiko urges that it would be difficult to control Coronavirus Pandemic in India. Even the developed nations like the USA and the UK suffer from a lack of medical aid to patients. He also explains the benefits of Self-distancing and Self Quarantine. He wants to avoid family gatherings like Weddings, Receptions and other gatherings.

“Corona Virus mainly affects people with diabetics, respiratory problems, Blood pressure, dialysis, patients undergoing cancer treatments and also aged people.” Covid -19 also affects people with younger age.”

Durai Vaiko

Regardless of age, community, religion COVID 19 affects everyone.

Durai Vaiko

Central and State Government working at their best to control Coronavirus Pandemic. Few students from the UK recently entered India at Hyderabad Airport where these students in order to avoid Quarantine used paracetamol tablets to control their fever and passed temperature tests and entered India. Later on of the student stated this incident to the officials.

The central government sanctioned enough powers to the State Government to imprison persons with COVID 19 symptoms and fails to do Self-quarantine. These persons can be sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment.

IPL 2020 matches canceled says Manish Sisodia

Indian Premier League (IPL) matches will not be played in National Capital Delhi, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced officially.

IPL T20 is all set to kick start on Mumbai on March 29th of this year. Less than a couple of weeks to start the match several net practice sessions were canceled. Delhi Dy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced that all matches in Delhi will be canceled. Delhi Government already canceled Movies shows and Closed Schools earlier due to Corona Out Break.

In an Interview, Maharastra Health Minister Rajesh Tope Said That if BCCI approaches regarding IPL issues Government will not allow the sales of tickets. Earlier it was also planned to have IPL matches without Audience. It would be the first-ever tournament to be played matches without an audience.

Australian GrandPrix Canceled due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Will IPL 2020 played?

If IPL is not allowed due to Coronavirus Outbreak here is the List of Possible ways to conduct IPL 2020.

IPL 2020 Tournament to other Country

This scenario earlier happened once in India due to General Elections in India. IPL matches were not allowed to play India. Immediately Lalit Modi shifted IPL matches to South Africa. This possibility is not possible as of now. Since schedules are made. Shifting all players and crews to other countries requires a huge financial problem. Moreover, Coronavirus outbreak is all over the world. Indian Government also made a strict action on unnecessary travel. The country which is going to allow tournament should think of Coronavirus risk.

Postponing IPL 2020

IPL teams and management will not probably select this option until and unless canceling IPL 2020 comes into the scenario. This world-class tournament a big-money game even the government won’t want to cancel this event. Postponing IPL would be a better option but still its a million dollar question when Coronavirus outbreak will be control. Without proper date it’s not possible to schedule the tournament.

Matches without Audience

This would be the first-ever tournament to be played without the audience. Since 98% of income receives by BCCI are broadcasting rights and Sponsors. The sale of tickets are a very small number. this option won’t make a major impact on the BCCI revenue. But the Audience makes the match more enthusiastic. If this is the only option IPL team would make som best option in online to make matches more interesting. Moreover, only a few states don’t want the matches to happen out of all teams. States like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharastra, West Bengal, and Punjab didn’t made any announcement.

Since Google Employee in Bengaluru infected with CoronaVirus all IT companies enabled work from home options. so possibilities of Matches in Bengaluru are also high risk.

Australian Opener David Warner who is playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad visa rejected.

Rajinikanth to make important announcement about his party today at Leela palace

Actor Rajinikanth is to announce the launch his new political party. This event has created a huge stir in Indian Political political arena.

Press Conference set ready in Leela Palace Chennai.

Actor Rajinikanth convened a meeting of district secretaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram in Chennai last week. Members more than 48-year-old will be appointed with responsible position in party.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, he said “Some things disappoint me.” Rajini’s statement to district secretaries who were confused by the meeting.

Bouncers deployed outside Rajinikanth residence

Rajini felt that after the demise of former chief ministers Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa, there was a huge vacuum in Tamil Nadu politics. He was sure he could fill that void. However, after the demise of the two leaders, the DMK and the AIADMK have worked tirelessly under steady leadership and the recent victory in the elections, including the recent local government elections, has slightly undermined Rajinikanth’s confidence.

Moreover, despite the BJP’s support for Rajinikanth, most political parties in Tamil Nadu continue to react against him. Rajinikanth’s stance, particularly on the Tuticorin firing and the Citizenship Act, has come under severe criticism in Tamil Nadu.

Rajinikanth’s decision is not just political; For 40 years, he will continue to build the greatest status of a superstar. Those who meet him say his decision should be accordingly.

Rajini’s reluctance, he said, prepared to confront the political field with confidence. That is why he once again convened a meeting of District Secretaries of the House. He will also hold a press conference today. He will surely make the most important announcement at today’s meeting. Thus they stated.

About 2 crore people have signed up for the CAA M.K Stalin

DMK against civil rights amendment MK Stalin said the number of signatures so far has exceeded 2 crores.

DMK against civil rights amendment the signature movement is just beginning. In view of this, the DMK was standing near Tiruvallur Kamarajar statue yesterday Chairman MK Stalin made the signing public. Speaking at the event: –

We are living in a world where everyone is equal. But Modi has been doing the job since he came to power with the intention of not living equally.

The Government of India is strongly criticizing the legislation introduced in the European Union Parliament. This country is going to the point where another country can criticize our country. That is why we are on a journey of righteousness. We are planning and carrying out many struggles. We are holding a protest, human chain, fasting, and test. We are constantly making many resolutions.

2 crore public signed against CAA

We started the process by deciding to sign a million people. According to yesterday’s calculation, the manuscript exceeded Rs 2 crore. People understand the facts and know these horrors and come forward with their own signatures.

There are even some who are saying that this signature movement should be mocked and mocked. I humbly acknowledge that this signature movement is one of the cratic practices.

Edapadi Palanisamy’s answers for +1 public exams

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy stated that the largest veterinary park in Asia is to be held tomorrow in the Salem district near the Thalawasal compound road.

As a first step, the College of Veterinary Medicine is holding a groundbreaking ceremony, the Agricultural Festival. It houses various halls. I have come to Coimbatore to attend the event.

Following are the questions asked by the reporters and the answers provided by Palanisamy: –

Question: – Various irregularities have taken place in the Tamil Nadu Government Employee Terminal Is there a demand for an investigation?

Answer: – The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is an autonomous body. Investigations are currently underway into the alleged irregularities. The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is taking steps to take proper action against the wrongdoers.

Question: – Is the Government complicit in the irregularities at the Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal?

A: We know how complicit we are Digg As far as the state is concerned, the investigation should be honest and not interfered with. The agency is also investigating and arresting the culprits.

Question: – Will the DMK go against the Citizenship Amendment Act? Is the signature movement going on?

Answer: – That is their choice.

Question: – Have the Marxist Communist Partyers said that Minister Rajendra Balaji acts like a Hindutva organization? What is your opinion on the Minister of Forests Dindigul Srinivasan telling the student to take off his shoes?

Answer: – Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan is old. He is about 70 years old. He could not bend over the stick he was wearing. So he called the nearest boy and told him to take it. He made it clear and regretted it. And the boy is like my grandson. He said he had called for help. But they are exaggerating. Exaggerating the media and the press is really painful. Digg None of the ministers or administrators would be involved in such an act.
Similarly, I do not know what accusation Rajendra Balaji has. He is pious. I know that very well. He may have said his own opinion. Our Fisheries Minister Jayakumar has made it clear that it is not the AIADMK’s opinion.
There is no drought

Question: – Since summer is about to begin, what kind of measures are you going to tackle drought?

Answer: – The term drought is not this year. There is good rain around the Coimbatore areas. The water levels are all overflowing.

Question: – Will the General Elections for the Plus-I Class be canceled?

Answer: – How to determine the eligibility of the student if all the exams are canceled? Doing so creates a situation where students cannot work outside. Teachers, students, and parents can determine the eligibility of that student only by choice. The Minister of School Education has canceled the General Elections for Grades 5 and 8 at the request of parents.

Question: – Do political parties comment on suspension?

Answer: – No one has reported the statistics on suspension. It is not true to speak so. All measures are being taken by the government to avoid interruption

Rs. 84 crores for ‘walkie-talkie’ scam in Tamil Nadu Police Department: 14 police officers raid

In the Budget 2017-18, the Government of Tamil Nadu has allocated Rs.47 crore 56 lakhs to modernize the police force.

Scandal in the purchase of ‘walkie-talkie’

With this funding, the police unit and the police department decided to purchase 10 thousand ‘walkie-talkie’ equipment for the Tamil Nadu police.

But it was alleged that a tender agreement of Rs.83 crores was signed for 45 lakhs and only four thousand tools were purchased  Instead of buying a walkie-talkie for Rs. 47 thousand 560, there were complaints that the purchase of a walkie-talkie was a big mistake.

Letter to the Home Secretary

Tamil Nadu Home Secretary Niranjan Marty sent a sensational letter to Tamil Nadu police DGP DK Rajendran last year in connection with the ‘walkie-talkie’ tender procurement scam.

The letter said, “There are 11 violations of the tender for the purchase of walkie-talkies to the Tamil Nadu police. GST on the walkie-talkie tool Even after the tax was reduced from 28 percent to 12 percent, 28 percent were making accusations of layoffs. Pointing to his statement, the DMK demanded that action be taken on the issue. Leader MK Stalin, MP Political party leaders, including founder Dr. Ramadas, continued to insist.
Bribery cops investigate.

At the same time, DK Rajendran, who was a police DGP, sent a reply letter to Home Secretary Niranjan Marty denying the allegation.
In the meantime, the police had a cellphone, CCTV The buzz about the Rs 350 crore scandal in the purchase of technology equipment, including equipment, has been sparked by reports over the past few months.

The Tamil Nadu government has recommended to the police to investigate allegations of corruption in the police technical unit.

Inspection of homes

In the period between 2016 and 2018, the alleged corruption scandal took place in a total of 18 locations, including 14 houses of technical officers and two locations of tender companies.

Accordingly, the Superintendent of Police of the Technical Division, Anupu Chezhiyan, Kilpakkam, Palpar Roadhouse, Additional Superintendent of Police at Pattinapakkam Police Ramesh, DSP. The houses of 14 police officers, including Udayashankar, were brought into the checkpoint. The test was conducted in 17 places in Chennai and one in Madurai. Anubhacheliyan is currently the co-director of the e-service center.

In a press release issued yesterday, the police said: –

Key documents are stuck
Tamil-speaking police, walkie-talkie, cellphone, CCTV From 2016-2018, it was reported that the Technology Superintendent of Police (Superintendent of Police) had misused the authority of the Superintendent of Police (Govt.) For the purchase of equipment, including devices, tablets, GPS and battery.

So a detailed inquiry was conducted on behalf of the government on the orders of the government. The preliminary inquiry was filed against the two private-sector technical officers in the last 7 days.

Subsequent raids were conducted in 18 locations, including the offices and offices of individuals involved in the case. The main documents are stuck in this test. Following the confiscation, investigations are ongoing.
Thus it is stated.

Actor Surya thanked the government for canceling the 5th, 8th Class General exams.

The Tamil Nadu School Department has announced that the 5th and 8th grades will be held in Tamil Nadu. Various political parties and academics opposed the announcement. They also accused the students’ education of jeopardizing the general election. The Tamil Nadu government has announced that the 5th and 8th grades will be canceled.

In a statement issued by the Minister of Education, Senkotayan, the government issued a statement on behalf of the school department on September 13 last year regarding the general election for students of 5th and 8th grade from 2020-2021. Various demands have been made in this regard. After considering them, the Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to abolish this state. Therefore, the old practice will continue.

In this regard, actor Surya posted on Twitter: – 

Agaram has realized in her fieldwork how difficult it is to reconnect the students who are studying at the age of reading. General exams are not always the solution to measuring students’ learning ability. General exams for Grades 5 and 8 are canceled. Thanks to the Minister of Education and Government of Tamil Nadu.

Ayanavaram girl rape case: 4 sentenced to death – Special Court Action verdict.

The 15 accused were sentenced yesterday in connection with the rape of a minor in Ayanavaram, Chennai. The special court action ruled that four of them should be sentenced to death.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint at the Ayana Varam Women’s Police Station. On this basis, the police filed a case and inquired.

At the time, it was revealed that the occupants of the apartment were lift operators, plumbers, guards, gardeners, and domestic workers. Ravikumar (age 56), who worked as a lift operator in the apartment, first raped the girl. Then every one of them raped the girl.

Subsequently, sexually abused lift operator Ravikumar (56), plumber Suresh (32), domestic helper Rajasekhar (48), guards Eralphras (58), Abhishek (28), Sukumaran (60), Murukesan (54) and lift operator Paramasivam (54)., Plumber Jaikanesh (23), Lift Operator Babu (36), Kavali Palani (40), Lift Operator Dinathayayan (50), Plumbers Raja (32), Surya (23), Gardener Gunasekaran (55), Police have arrested 17 people – Ray Jayaraman (26) and Electrician Umapati (42).

Then the thug act passed on 17 of them. However, for some reason, the Madras Eco-Board abolished the Thug Act. The court refused to grant bail to them despite repeated appeals.

Meanwhile, the Madras Highcourt has ordered that the case be expedited. The trial began in January last year in a special court hearing the ‘Pokso’ cases at the high court complex in Chennai.

Ramesh has been appointed as the Special Government Prosecutor in the government. Justice Manjula inquired the case. Those arrested in the case have not been released on bail until the end of the trial.

During interrogation, one of the accused, the lift operator Babu, died due to lack of health. Subsequently, in the case against the remaining 16 persons, 36 witnesses were prosecuted by the State and 7 accused by the accused. 120 proof documents were submitted.

After all the arguments were concluded, Judge Manjula announced on November 1 that 15 people were guilty in the case. Further, the estate worker Gunasekeran, 55, was acquitted of the charge stating that the charges against him had not been proved.

The remaining 15 persons will be sentenced on the 3rd (ie yesterday).
Following this, all the 15 accused were brought to the courthouse with gun-protection police protection at 2.30 pm yesterday. Strong police security was placed around the special court. All 15 were produced in court with police protection.

In the courtroom, no one other than the state prosecutor, the accused, the prosecutors and the police were allowed. The courtroom was closed.
Judge Manjula then proceeded to read the verdict. In the judgment, the judge stated: –

Lift operator Ravi Kumar, the first accused in the case, has been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Bokso’ Act for protecting children from sexual offenses. In addition, another section of the ‘Pokso’ law is punishable by up to 7 years in prison and 2 years in prison for murder.

Similarly, Suresh, Abhishek, Palani and Rajasekhar have been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Pokso’ Act.
Ravikumar, Suresh, Abhishek and Palani will be sentenced to life in prison. (Must be in jail until death)
Under different sections of the ‘Pokso’ law, the guard is sentenced to 7 years in prison and the other 9 to 5 years.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has to provide Rs 6 lakh as relief to the family of the victim. The Government of Tamil Nadu should immediately provide Rs.1.5 lakh as interim relief to the girl’s parents. Thus stated in the judgment.