Traffic police have decided to impose a fine on stickers with caste and religious symbols on vehicles.

Various changes have been made to the new motor vehicle legislation. Some major amendments have been made to the old law to curb excessive accidents and prevent fatalities.

The amendment bill was passed in both chambers during a recent parliamentary session. Accordingly, in the 2019 Motor Vehicle Law Amendment, driver’s license renewal has been increased from 3 years to 5 years. Similarly, the procedure for renewal within one month of the expiration of the license has been raised to one year.

In addition, the new motor vehicle legislation has introduced a penalty for a person who violates traffic rules more than once.

According to reports, the Rajasthan State Transport Department has decided to impose a fine on religious and caste codes on the vehicles.

Accordingly, in the state of Rajasthan, the practice of sticking caste, religion and political identities in vehicles is common among the people. The attempt is said to have been made to prevent some people from using the identities and violating the law.

They have warned that vehicles can be fined up to Rs. It is also reported that the vehicle was confiscated if it was written to cause violence.

The police also explained that there would be no penalties for the name, designation, study sticker or letters on the vehicle. It is said that the main reason for eradicating sticker culture is that they question the safety of the driver.