Captain Marvel first female lead movie in Marvel production. On the occasion of International Women’s day movie was released all over the world initially it was planned to release on March 8th later Marvel moved to March 8th for the worldwide premiere.

Crew :
Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, Clark Gregg and Jude Law among others in pivotal roles, is out in theaters.

Brie Larson was a Kree Warrior In a mission to hunt Skrulls Brie Larson visits Earth by chasing the Skrulls. Brie Mets Nick Fury along with Agent Coulson. Brie could manage to hunt 2 Skrulls out 4. During the hunt, she had a chance to discover who she is. For the Mysterious Question, she came to know that She’s not Kree Shes a Human and also an AirForce Pilot. In a mission to save Tesseract from Kree’s she tries to destroy to Tesseract but the unlimited power source cannot be destroyed and gave Brie superpower. She was then taken by Kree and her memories were erased and mapped with new.

Captain Marvel came to know that Skrulls are not bad but Kree’s are She then tries to fight against them. Ronan Who worked for Thanos also appears in the Climax.

Since the movie is a prequel in Avengers there are no ultimate gadgets and stunning graphics. Story Plot expected to be after Captain America’s Period. Captain Marvel a decent introduction. Phil Coulson can be used much in the movie since he plays a vital role in Marvel Agent of Shield web series. Captain Marvel future stories will be expected to have more stunning visuals than any others.

Spoiler Alert:
There are no major leads to Avenger EndGame theory. Expect Captain Marvel presence in EndGame is 100% confirmed. Post Credit scene was from Avengers EndGame. Have you ever wondered how the name “Avengers” comes from? well you have answers for that

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