‘Can I get her number’: Man asks Pune police for a girl’s number; their EPIC reply wins internet

A few days back Pune police stormed social media with ‘his highness’ tweet and now they are back in their savage style. Two days back Twitter user named Nidhi Joshi asked Pune police for Dhanori police station’s number on Twitter. 

 “Can I get the number of Dhanori police station, please. Need urgently!”, she wrote. 

Pune police promptly replied to the tweet with the desired details. But, there was another user who left a rather nasty comment on the thread. He wrote, “Can I get her number please?”

Quickly responding to this person, Pune police wrote, “Sir, we are more interested in your number currently, to understand your interest in the lady’s number. You may DM. We respect privacy.”

Soon, the tweet went viral and Twitteratis shared all kinds of comments on the thread. The tweet has got more than 3k retweets and 16k likes. 

From asking him to arrest to calling him a potential eve teaser, netizens couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the thread.

Courtesy : DNA

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