“Burn my image(idol) if you want. But do not damage public property, ”Prime Minister Modi has appealed to those who are protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

It is a long-standing demand of the people to provide their houses with strap. The Central Government has now accepted and fulfilled that demand. The legislation was enacted in the Winter Session of Parliament.

In the meantime, a grand gathering was held yesterday at the famous Ramlila Grounds in Delhi to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Modi presented the document, which was thanked by 11 lakh beneficiaries at a public meeting. The crowd chanted, “Modi, Modi.”

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi clarified the Citizenship Amendment Act, which is now leading to major struggles in the country. He said: –

During the last session of Parliament, the National Citizenship Amendment Bill was brought in and passed by the Lok Sabha and the States. So people need to respect parliament.

Muslims in India will not be affected by the Citizenship Act and the proposed National Citizen’s Record.

They spread the lie that citizenship law has been taken away from people’s rights. Can they discriminate in my work?

Political opponents who cannot meet me in the election are trying to spread rumors and divide the country. People who have high responsibility for posting fake videos are provoking people.

When we execute the development work in the country, the citizens of this country have never been asked what religion they belong to. As India advances, we do not see religion.

We did not bring the Citizenship Amendment Act overnight. We have brought it on the basis of Mahatma Gandhi’s assertion.

The Citizenship Amendment Act, not for the expropriation of citizenship; It has been brought to grant citizenship.

Mahatma Gandhi has said that Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan should always be welcomed in India. Those who have benefited from the surname of Gandhi should realize this.

Citizenship law is not for the abrogation of rights; Just to give them rights.

Minorities are forcibly converted in Pakistan. The National Citizenship Amendment Act is for such people.

The Congress party fell asleep during the national citizens’ record during their tenure. If Modi fulfills Manmohan Singh’s demand, is Modi guilty?

Mamta Banerjee moved from Kolkata to the United Nations. Some years ago Mamata Banerjee voiced her voice in Parliament demanding the detention of infiltrators from Bangladesh. Now what happened to Mamta Banerjee? Why has he changed? Why are you spreading rumors? The election will come and go. Why are you afraid?

Rajasthan Congress First Minister Ashok Gehlot favors granting citizenship to Hindus who are persecuted in Pakistan. But he has now changed his stance.

Manmohan Singh was a supporter of the Citizenship Amendment Act of 2003. Left parties have also been vocal against the intruders. Now the situation has changed.

The Congress party has been scared that Modi is being accepted and celebrated in Muslim countries.

The only difference between intruders and refugees. The intruders will never reveal their identity. Refugees will never hide their identity.

It is painful that the 100-year-old Congress party leadership does not call for peace and tranquility in the country.

Their silence shows tacit support for damaging school buses and trains.

The police force is always there to help the civilians. Over 33,000 policemen have sacrificed their lives since the country was liberated.

Burn my images if necessary. But do not damage public property.

National citizens disseminate false information about the registry. It was first taken up by the previous Congress governments.

So far, our government has not discussed the National Citizen’s Record in Parliament or in the Cabinet. Thus he spoke.

As the nationwide protests were taking place over the issue of the citizenship amendment, the public meeting was organized with strong security arrangements. Around 20 company forces, consisting of 70 to 80 people, were deployed for security. 20 Deputy Police Commissioner overseeing security arrangements. Unmanned aerial bombers and national security force commandos were also deployed for security.

All roads leading to the Ramlila Grounds were equipped with surveillance cameras. Shooters were also deployed on the buildings to ensure safety.

With the Bharatiya Janata Party winning the 7 parliamentary constituencies in Delhi, massive preparations were being made for the meeting to face the assembly elections.