Brazil President Bolsonaro while addressing the nation extended is gratitude to two Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and people of India for helping Brazil and other South American countries in the war to fight against novel coronavirus pandemic. This comes after India lift the ban on export of hydroxychloroquine.

We have more good news come of direct conversation with Prime Minister of India. We will receive raw materials for the production of hydroxychloroquine so that we can treat patients after 19 as well as lupus, malaria and Arthritis. Bank Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the people of India part as timely help to help the people of Brazil

Brazil President Bolsonaro

Hanuman Reference in Brazil request

Brazil president wrote a letter 2 Prime Minister of India requesting the raw materials for the production of hydroxychloroquine along with he mentioned the ancient Indian Ramayana mentioning the story of how Hanuman brought the holy medicine from Himalayas to treat Rama’s brother Lakshmanan who was injured during the fight with Ravanan and in Sri Lanka. He also mentioned Jesus Christ who healed dost where sick and restore the sight to Bartimeu. India and Brazil by joining their forces and sharing blessings of each Nations will overcome the Global crisis.

On 25th of March India Bans the export of hydroxychloroquine and other all raw materials used for the manufacture of any type of medicine to any foreign countries. On 2nd of April president of United States Donald Trump requested Prime Minister Modi in a special call to supply hydroxychloroquine Modi also issued that India will supply adequate hydroxychloroquine to United States. During a press conference held in White House press journalist ask the question of India’s ban on hydroxychloroquine export.

Donald Trump mentioned that he is not aware of India’s export ban on hydroxychloroquine but Prime Minister Modi I should that he will supply enough hydroxychloroquine India also receiving shoes number of thread benefits from India if it fails to supply it will face retaliation from United States and what is wrong on retaliation if it.

Few minutes after the retaliation statement, India I should to supply I hydroxychloroquine to United States with humanity

Inna feat Indian Ministry of External Affairs assured to supply raw materials required for the production of hydroxychloroquine 2 Spain government as per their requirement in a tweet

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