Worlds second most affected nation Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for coronavirus. He took the coronavirus test on Monday after developing symptoms, including a high temperature. Mr. Bolsonaro has repeatedly played down the risks posed by the virus, calling it ‘a little flu” and saying that he would not be seriously affected by it.

Meanwhile, in Brazil cases have continued to rise. On Monday the number of deaths in the country stood at more than 65,000, with over 1.6m infections, second only to the United States.

Bolsonaro earlier thanked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for supplying hydroxychloroquine to Brazil by quoting Hanuman Sanjeevi reference in his speech. Brazil failed to make the proper lockdown in earlier stage of the virus spread.

Bolsonaro aalso visited White House and met President of the United States Donald Trump. Few weeks earlier it’s been reported that Bolsonaro’s secretary tested positive for the coronavirus affection.

Comparing to other Nations Brazil records the fastest to reach the top position in Corona affected cases. United states has 3+ Million cases followed by Brazil with 1.6+ Million cases. India though praised by UN for the lockdown implementation records the 3rd place with 7 lakh cases.

India was in 4th place after Russia few days ago. Bolsonaro conducted anti lockdown rally and participated the event without wearing any mask. He even mentioned the coronavirus as a just flu. Later he realized the seriousness of the novel spread but it’s too late many of the Brazilians affected by the virus already.

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