Boxing Federation of India’s (BFI) president Ajay Singh has revealed his thought on MC Merry Kom refusing to shake hands with her opponent after her bout with Nikhat Zareen.

Ajay said that the six-time world champion cannot be judged on one occasion when her emotion got the better of her.

“We are delighted we have such bench strength. There can be emotion in sport, it can happen. Nikhat Zareen is a good pugilist, she would become a force to reckon with in the future, we have to work in the larger interest of the sport. Mary Kom is so fit dill date, she is hungry and passionate. It was there for everyone to see how Mary Kom came out to the ring,” Singh told ANI.

Kom defeated Zareen SD 9-1 at the boxing selection trials at the IG Stadium in the final match of the 51kg division to book a spot for the Olympic Qualifiers on Saturday (December 28).

“Mary Kom is a great symbol of our sport. Sometimes her emotions can get the better of her. She showed how good she is. Emotions can get the better of her, but it cannot detract her greatness. We all need to be proud of her, you cannot say that she acted this way, so she is not great,” the  BFI president added.

Both fighters after the bout spoke to the press and expressed their thoughts about the matter as well.

“I did not like how she behaved with me. When the decision was announced and I tried to hug her but she did not hug me back. Being a junior I expect seniors to respect us too. I felt hurt but that’s okay I don’t mind,” Zareen told reporters after the fight.

Meanwhile, Mary Kom said: “Why should I shake hands with her? If she wants others to respect her then she should first respect others. I don’t like people with such nature. Just prove your point inside the ring, not outside.”

Courtesy : DNA

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