Black or grey? This viral optical illusion will leave you scratching your head

Optical Illusions and quizzes are always fun.

Do you remember ‘The Dress’ from 2016 that broke the internet? Or the woman’s neck that divided Twitter in 2018? Well, an optical illusion debate is back but with a twist. This time it’s about two blocks and their colour. 

An optical illusion shared by ‘Good Morning Britain’ show host Kate Garraway, have left netizens confused. The image shows two grey blocks that are of the exact same shade but look totally different.

While one looks grey, the other one looks black in colour. Kate Garraway also shared the image on Instagram with the caption, “This caused a right stir in our house tonight…”.

The image instantly went viral and left netizens baffled. The post has garnered more than 26,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments.

Few have gathered a few amazing reactions from Twitter, take a look…

Did you get it right?

Courtesy : DNA

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