BJP Tamilnadu tweets a fake news on February 2nd about DMK President. Tweet was an News 7 Tamil news channels fake news card. Within a hour News 7 made a tweet to BJP that the news card shared by BJP was a fake one. Ruling party like BJP sharing such a unverified news like this made a major shock to the people.

The Tweet was deleted after few minutes from NEWS 7 response. Tweet says that “DMK President MK Stalin promises to setup Harbour in Tirupur district which have no sea access” BJP TAMILNADU shared this news with caption “ஒன்பது கிரகங்கள் உச்சத்தில் இருக்கும் ஒருவரால் தான் இந்த லெவலுக்கு யோசிக்க முடியும்”.

In response to the tweet News 7 tweeted that ” Dear @BJP4TamilNadu we have not published any cards like this… Its a fake card…”

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