BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to bring up India in Various aspect but most of them were not successful and gained a massive response from the public. Demonetization, GST, Digital India, Make in India and so on. Demonetization and GST are two most schemes that affect the public directly and was criticized heavily since they are not successful as expected. Make in India gave a clear platform of Industrialist and didn’t touch the sense of the common public. Digital India made payments digital which gets a mixed response.

When BJP claims India growing in Digital Market BJP’s official party website was hacked for the past two weeks it took more than 2 weeks for BJP to get back their site. Which shows nothing is safe and secure in the hands of Digital platform. BJP managed to get a news website in with different new look for their website. BJP announced the first list of candidate for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in their new Official website . It came to know that the new website design was copied from W3Layout website a startup company from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh providing premium quality web layouts. W3Layouts supports both free and as well as premium layouts, Free layouts comes with credits lines for W3layouts at the end of the website.

W3 layout claims that BJP has used their layouts by removing “Credits: W3Layouts” at the end of the file. BJP managed to remove the credit lines in HTML but failed to remove in the CSS file which includes the complete details of the owner of the CSS code. W3Layouts immediately made a tweet to BJP officials regarding the issue but no response and action were taken.No Legal action was taken by W3Layouts so far. BJP officials nor IT wing opened up for the plagiarism issue. After the claim by W3Layouts in twitter BJP managed to remove the style.css file from the website but W3Layouts managed to get the screenshots of the file.

BJP claims the most valuable Aadhar Data is safe online but BJP can’t even manage to steal a piece of HTML code without getting caught. Narendra Modi and BJP members claim themselves as “Chowkidar” (Protector) of the nation but it came to they are the one stealing hard works of the common people.

W3Layouts have shared the complete detailed analysis on the official blog post

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