Karnataka BJP MLA celebrated is birthday on friday with hundreds of followers regardless of the nationwide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Turuvekere MLA M Jayaraman celebrated his birthday by cutting a large chocolate cake wearing a gloves but not wearing any mask and distributed the cake to people who have attended the birthday party and also to children. During this celebration social distancing was not maintained at all which is being followed by all over the world. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggest self isolation and self Quarantine and social distancing are the possible methods to control the spread of coronavirus but none of them were followed in the birthday celebration. Guest were served with Biryani at Gubbi town which is 90 kilometre from the Bangalore city.

When the MLA was celebrating birthday the coronavirus infection rate crossed 200 in in Karnataka. Jayaraman was not the first to violate the social distancing last month days after banning all social gatherings which includes weddings and ceremonies Chief Minister Yeddaurapa attended a marriage ceremony of BJP leader at march 15.

Till now no actions were taken legally against MLA Jayaraman. But we could see a lot of common public where beton heavy beaten police officers who were came out of there exist and during the travel. Lot of videos available in social media where public or being soon good lessons not to come out of the home punishments were given by different types in order to ensure the seriousness of Corona virus pandemic. What will happened to this MLA will Yeddaurapa take strict action on him.

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