BJP state party leader Sonali Phogat beating Haryana officials in public place and landed in a controversy. Incident happened in Hisar district and the video gone viral in internet. The video shows Sonali beating Balsamand Market Committee Secretary Sultan Singh.

Sonali Phogat was a TikToker turned into a BJP leader. She even contested in 2019 Haryana election by representing BJP. She lost to Congress’s Kuldeep Bishnoi in Adampur district.

Am I working to hear abuses from people like you? Do I not have the right to a dignified life. You …you have no right to live,

Sonali Phogat in the controversial video

As per the reports Sonali Phogat and Sultan Singh had a heated argument over the complaints made by locals of the place. Farmers of the place complained that Sultan creating issues in procurement process. Sonali who went ask about the issue later moved to started beating Sultan when argruments shared between them heated.

Sultan mentioned in the police that he had noted everything that Phogat asked to do.

Later Phogat then moves to police station and stated that Singh used “indecent, derogatory language” while talking to her earlier.

Its is to be noted that Police officials were present at the time of the incident but they did not try to stop Phogat from beating the market official. Zonal Marketing enforcement officer Saheb Ram said the assault appeared “pre-planned and seemed to be a political stunt”.

Congress Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala took Twitter and shared the video of the incident and question Chief Minister Manhohar Lal Khattar what would be action taken against Sonali for this incident.

“These acts (have been) done by a BJP leader. Is it a crime to do a government job? Will (chief minister Manohar Lal) Khattar take action against Phogat?” Surjewala said in a Hindi tweet.

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