After the Surgical strike on Pakistan LOC and Indian pilot Abhinandan being caught by Pakistan Army when the whole nation mourns Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman failed to addressed the public. In order to avoid the chaos between the people of India. None of the leader addressed public or in Press this was claimed by people of India. Modi attended several BJP meeting which was later criticised by public yesterday. Within in the day Narendra Modi planned to visit Tamilnadu but during the visit it was planned to have large political meeting after the Lok Sabha alliance confirms with ADMK and PMK. But after lo of critisim Political meeting was called off and MODI attending only Governement Official meeting.

It becomes common to trend #GoBackModi for tamilnadu people when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Tamilnadu. Before Narendra Modi reached Tamilnadu almost 50k tweets were trending in worldwide. When everyone tweeting on GOBACKMODI. Tamil Nadu State political leader and MDMK Gen Secretary Vaiko who went to the fields to show black flags to Narendra Modi.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Kanyakumari Vaiko gets permission to protest only at Nellai district of Tamilnadu. Vaiko and his MDMK cadres from all over Tamilnadu gathered in Nellai to show Black flags and Black balloons to Modi. The protest were happening in the place which was allocated to Vaiko and MDMK cadres. A group of BJP members started throwing stones on Vaiko and his cadres. Which turns protest to be war moment for several minutes.

During the same kind of protest BJP women member thrown slippers on the protesters. MDMK Cadres tried to control her and send to nearby hospital.

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