After United States of America’s President Donald Trump halts the funding to World Health Organisation W H O on Tuesday Bill Gates contempt the the act. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation father donator 150 million dollars the Global Response to COVID 19. Gates Foundation is the second highest supporter of W H O in findings after United States of America.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chairman Melinda Gates announce to that we have responsibility to meet this Global crisis with Global solidarity. Addition to the contributing to the development of diagnostic therapeutics hand vaccine this will support efforts against coronavirus in low and middle-income countries. Where local leaders and health workers are doing Heroic work to protect vulnerable communities and slow the spread of the disease.

After Trump holds the funding Gates Foundation made a contribution of 150 million dollar extra making it 250 million dollar total contribution to COVID 2019.

Bill Gates who has been alarming the globe to concentrate on biological war prevention. During the Ted conference in 2015 he spoke about that there will be a biological war in next 10 years countries should focus on biological Warfare prevention system rather than war prevention.

Mark Suzman CEO of the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation set that it’s very clear the Global pandemic and the only solution to control it is solution should be applied globally.

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