Once Atlee proved he’s unstoppable. Atlee from the School of Shankar just 4 films from under his career is Super hit blockbuster. Though Atlee movies are highly criticises for story plagarisim his movies never fails to entertain audience and fans. Out of all 4 movies 3 tailored for Kollywoods top most leading star Vijay and all 3 are ultimate blockbuster and turned increased Vijay market value overwhelming. After his Success with now Atlee leads to India’s top most actor and highest market value actor King Khan Sharuk Khan.

Bigil released with less controversy when compared to previous movies. BIGIL begins with Verithanam song. Michael(Vijay) local don in Chennai. Who’s in love with Angel( Nayanthara) after the few portion. Kathir an football coach who’s friend of Michael visits his place along with his women’s team reaches chennai. When Kathir and Michael takes a lone ride comes the stunt sequence after the end of the scene. Kathir was stabbed by rowdies.

After the incident Football team women’s started blaming Michael for the incident. Since Kathir could not lead the team to Delhi national tournament. Kathir requests Michael to lead the team on behalf of him. A flashback on Michael s football history was the entertaining first half and Rayappan character played Action as well sentimental.

Atlee made audience to shed tears on many scenes than any other films. Interval scene where Michael enters the train along with women team and Rayappan says “Cup Jeikanum” was the ultimate breaking scene. Michael was the one who funded the women’s team anonymously from the beginning but without knowing girls doesn’t want him as coach.

Jackie Sharof who played a negative role doesn’t want Michael to achieve in life. Women’s doesn’t want Michael to be their coach. Does the team accepts Michael? Did they win the tournament is the rest of the movie.

Atlee in a audio launch mentioned that stadium sequence are in next gen CG. He also mentions that when we are going to see these type of sporting action let’s see now. A decent sporting action CG made in the movie. It claims to be movie with highest number of CG works for a non animation movie.

Vijay markets value increasing after his every movie Atlee and Murugadas made it boost in recent time. Vijay’s market is next to Super Star Rajinikanth. Though Ajith was an equal competitor for Vijay his absence in Audio launch and other promotional works makes his movies market value slow down. Vijay stunning look and action sequence and apt to the movie.

Bgms are not cathcy to the movie may be made better to highlight many scenes. Nayanthara made a perfect role in the movie.

Bigil is pride of Kollywood.