Anticipated movie Bigil has made millions of rupees before its release. This makes AGS, the film’s production team, very happy. Movie Directed by director Atlee, Actor Vijay is starring in sports genre film Bigil Diwali. The trailer for the film was released last Saturday. Vijay plays a dual role in the film. Vijay is doing two roles as Michael and Rayappan.

The film is staged for release on October 25. In this case, the Tamil Nadu theater franchise has gone up to Rs 72 crore. Satellite and digital ownership has gone to 50 crores. Foreign rights have gone up to Rs 24 crore. 200 crores before the release of the film. 150 crore to go to the theater share. The film is expected to make a huge profit after its release.

Bigil Hindi rights

Similarly, the Hindi business has gone to 20 crores. Telugu rights go up to 8 crores The film’s rights have gone to 2 crores. Kerala and Karnataka ownership have gone up to Rs 14 crore.

The budget for this movie is 180 crores. At the same time, the film is expected to exceed 150 crores. So they say that the film is profitable at least Rs 200 crore. This makes AGS, the film’s production team, very happy.