Actress Sherin posted in social media to leave her family alone from Sanam Shetty and Dharsan controversy.Sherin, who starred in several movies including Thulluvadho Illamai, Whistle, competed in last year’s Bigg Boss 3 show. Sherin was also reportedly in love with fellow contestant Darshan, who attended the Bigg Boss 3. But Darshan said he had a girlfriend outside.

After the Bigg Boss show, Shanam Shetty lodged a police complaint against Dharsan who refused to marry her. Darshan -Shanam Shetty has since changed and split the allegations.In an interview, Darshan said, “Even to Sherin, I have said we have been engaged. She stopped talking to me. Shanam Shetty from my account blocked Sherin’s social media.

Shanam Shetty – Darshan Both have been criticized for his love of Sherin. Actress Sherin, who has been silent about the issue, has responded to the criticism by not to mention her in the issue.

Sherin about the issue , “There has been much talk about me for the past month. If anyone wants to attack me, do it. I approve of it. I smile and pass the worst criticism on me. But leave my family. Trolling with anonymous fake social network accounts is not acceptable. Don’t want to answer them.I don’t feel guilty for blaming someone for something they did. Your short-sightedness manifests in it. Do not think of my weakness as being quiet. I am speechless because I am unrelated to this issue.

There are more problems in this world than just two people breaking up. Thanks to the fans who supported me in this. I urge my supporters not to respond to false records. If angry people give it peace of mind, then let them do it.It doesn’t change me and my values. I’m lucky because I’ve got fighters and fighters with me. This is my official statement. I will no longer answer questions and criticism of this, ”Sherin said.