Bhumi Pednekar reveals the negative impact of gender parity on society. Photo:Instagram 

Bhumi Pednekar recently attended a launch event where she spoke about certain issues prevailing in the society. The star spoke on the issues related to gender parity and what magnitude such issues have. The star also stated how equal amounts of opportunities should be made available to both male and female actors alike.

On the sidelines of the launch event, for the series MTV Nishedh, Bhumi told IANS, “Gender parity is one topic that’s significant to me. I am glad to be working in times where similar opportunities have opened up for both male and female actors and I hope this spills over to the society as well.”

When talking about the show, she went on to add, “I am sure this show will help trigger more acceptance towards gender equality.”

The show sheds light on a number of different societal issues, from modern contraception, medical abortion, consent, tuberculosis and nutrition. It will air on the channel Colors Rishtey, starting from February.

Bhumi also went on to talk about a number of other issues that also remain close to her heart, “Belonging to an industry where your physical appearance is always under scrutiny, nutrition is a topic that’s closest to my heart.”

She added, “In my journey of transformation, I have benefited immensely by focusing on nutrition and eating right, in the right away. I am glad that ‘MTV Nishedh’ deals with nutrition in a significant way. Given the strenuous schedules we work in, it’s immensely required that we eat the right mix of food to ensure well being.”

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