Coronavirus menace have taken so many lives all over the world. More than 1.6 Million people have directly affected by coronavirus. This virus have reached All the Nations. The pandemic is still Unstoppable but preventive measures good control it. The virus which was claimed to originate from the world’s highly populated Nation China is said to be controlled in that nation. India 2nd highly populated country still fighting their best to control the pandemic. Although Indian population is wide-spread it reach only on 22nd place in the list of Corona virus affected countries.

Women empowerment is one factor also highly helping to fight against coronavirus. Several womans working regardless of the time constraint in various  departments which includes administration, diagnosis, preventions, researches, and cure.

Beela Rajesh the woman fighting against coronavirus pandemic in administration. People of Tamilnadu watch her everyday at 6:00 p.m. expectations in her speech for high. People expects positive words from her interview. During the crisis like this its very important to control the Chaos among the people. She even delivers the negative information which we don’t expect to listen positive way.

Not only in televisions beela Rajesh the health secretary of Tamil Nadu is Proactive in in gauging with citizens of Tamilnadu in various methods which includes social media. She is active in Twitter also.

Tamil Nadu health secretary is an 1997 batch IAS officer she is media friendly bureaucrat and is very active on Twitter. This officer is an MBBS graduate from Madras Medical College earlier served as a sub collector in chengalpat commissioner of fisheries Anda commissioner of Town and Country planning in Tamilnadu. She also served as per commissioner of Indian Medicine and homeopathy.

Beela Rajesh made Tamilnadu health system form program chapter by state and Central Government and World Bank to sign $287 million loan Agreement in June 2019.

Not only handles the briefing work everyday she also visits and inspects the coronavirus containment and preventive measures.

Beela Rajesh family

She is the daughter of Rani Venkatesan is senior Congress leader and former MLA and S Venkatesan retired DGP. Rajesh Das husband of Billa Rajesh is an IPS officer currently serving as an additional Director General of Police.

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