Dhoni will be on patrol from July 31, India’s Independence Day till August 15. Thus, he will celebrate Independence Day with the military this time.The speculation about Dhoni’s future has intensified since India’s defeat in the World Cup semi-final against New Zealand.

Dhoni told the BCCI that he was retiring from the game temporarily to serve his paramilitary force. Thus, he did not tour the West Indies.He was asked not to opt for the West Indies tour of the Indian cricket team. The Army Commander Bipin Rawat offered Dhoni the opportunity to train with the Indian Army. Dhoni was an honorary lieutenant colonel in the Parachute Regiment of the Regional Army. Dhoni will be on patrol in Kashmir with the army from the 31st to the 15th of August.

In Kashmir, it was reported that he was given permission to train with the paramilitary regiment of the Indian Army but was not allowed to participate in the military operation.

Dhoni joined the Parachute Regiment yesterday. He then undertook military training there. He seems to be doing this training for 2 months.