The 15 accused were sentenced yesterday in connection with the rape of a minor in Ayanavaram, Chennai. The special court action ruled that four of them should be sentenced to death.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint at the Ayana Varam Women’s Police Station. On this basis, the police filed a case and inquired.

At the time, it was revealed that the occupants of the apartment were lift operators, plumbers, guards, gardeners, and domestic workers. Ravikumar (age 56), who worked as a lift operator in the apartment, first raped the girl. Then every one of them raped the girl.

Subsequently, sexually abused lift operator Ravikumar (56), plumber Suresh (32), domestic helper Rajasekhar (48), guards Eralphras (58), Abhishek (28), Sukumaran (60), Murukesan (54) and lift operator Paramasivam (54)., Plumber Jaikanesh (23), Lift Operator Babu (36), Kavali Palani (40), Lift Operator Dinathayayan (50), Plumbers Raja (32), Surya (23), Gardener Gunasekaran (55), Police have arrested 17 people – Ray Jayaraman (26) and Electrician Umapati (42).

Then the thug act passed on 17 of them. However, for some reason, the Madras Eco-Board abolished the Thug Act. The court refused to grant bail to them despite repeated appeals.

Meanwhile, the Madras Highcourt has ordered that the case be expedited. The trial began in January last year in a special court hearing the ‘Pokso’ cases at the high court complex in Chennai.

Ramesh has been appointed as the Special Government Prosecutor in the government. Justice Manjula inquired the case. Those arrested in the case have not been released on bail until the end of the trial.

During interrogation, one of the accused, the lift operator Babu, died due to lack of health. Subsequently, in the case against the remaining 16 persons, 36 witnesses were prosecuted by the State and 7 accused by the accused. 120 proof documents were submitted.

After all the arguments were concluded, Judge Manjula announced on November 1 that 15 people were guilty in the case. Further, the estate worker Gunasekeran, 55, was acquitted of the charge stating that the charges against him had not been proved.

The remaining 15 persons will be sentenced on the 3rd (ie yesterday).
Following this, all the 15 accused were brought to the courthouse with gun-protection police protection at 2.30 pm yesterday. Strong police security was placed around the special court. All 15 were produced in court with police protection.

In the courtroom, no one other than the state prosecutor, the accused, the prosecutors and the police were allowed. The courtroom was closed.
Judge Manjula then proceeded to read the verdict. In the judgment, the judge stated: –

Lift operator Ravi Kumar, the first accused in the case, has been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Bokso’ Act for protecting children from sexual offenses. In addition, another section of the ‘Pokso’ law is punishable by up to 7 years in prison and 2 years in prison for murder.

Similarly, Suresh, Abhishek, Palani and Rajasekhar have been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Pokso’ Act.
Ravikumar, Suresh, Abhishek and Palani will be sentenced to life in prison. (Must be in jail until death)
Under different sections of the ‘Pokso’ law, the guard is sentenced to 7 years in prison and the other 9 to 5 years.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has to provide Rs 6 lakh as relief to the family of the victim. The Government of Tamil Nadu should immediately provide Rs.1.5 lakh as interim relief to the girl’s parents. Thus stated in the judgment.