Avengers Endgame the ultimate battle between the Titan and Avengers. All of the Avengers standing against the one man called Thanos to bring back the Half of the universe. This time Avengers fighting for the whole Universe, not for the Earth alone. The Mad Titan Mighty Thanos Killed Loki made Thor almost dead, Smashed Hulk and Hulk never returns from banner. Thanos killed Tony Stark but spared his life for Time Stone. Killed Vision to take Mind Stone. Wiped half of the living creatures in the whole universe.

Endgame estimates to bring in record shattering $157 Million for Friday, setting the stage 349Million opening weekend.

The Remaining Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, War Machine, Ant-Man, Rocket, and Nebula are the only source to stop Thanos. They have to use the Quantum Realm, Time Travel, and Space Travel to Titan to defeat Thanos.

Story Plot

What you have seen in Trailer, Teaser and TV spots are the first 15 Minutes of the movie. After Captain Marvel enters the Earth and joins Avengers to find Thanos and bring back the half of the universe. But it became useless they managed to find Thanos. But there were not options to bring back those people. Years pass Ant-Man who has been stuck in Quantum Realm due to Thanos swipe comes out after 5 years from Quantum Realm. He Suggests a Idea of Time Travel with flaws to Captain America. In order to achieve this Cap approaches Tony Stark. Tony rejects Cap’s request on joining Avengers again and he’s already working on Time Travel machine.

Cap finds Prof. Hulk to make the machine work but it still has flaws. Tony finds the best solution for the Time Travel Machine and Assembles the Avengers Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Ant-Man, Prof. Hulk, War Machine, Nebula, Black Widow, Clint, Thor and Rocket will be making Time travel in 3 different teams to 4 different places. To bring back the stone.Thanos in the Past come to know about the plan and visits the future to get all stone in one place “The Earth”. All the Avengers assembles to fight against Thanos. How avengers defeat Thanos and his mightiest army in the universe. How they bring others back is the rest of the story.

Marvel Farewell

EndGame would be the best Farewell movie in the history. Russo Brother managed to show up all the things you expected in the past decade of Marvel history. If you are a Marvel fan you would witness everything in 2nd two hours of the movie. Here are the few list most of them are avoided considering as a spoilers.

  • JARVIS name reason.
  • Pepper in Iron suit.
  • Cap’s one on one with Thanos.
  • Loki – Maybe alive.
  • Mjolnir.
  • Thanos double Sword.
  • Cap Shield.
  • Tony’s Daughter.
  • Prof. Hulk.
  • No Post Credit Scene

The movie was ultimately rocking as it Thundering Visuals. Each frame and shots are blended with mighty scenes. Visuals never remember that it is a Graphically developed scene. It takes you into the scene. We bet Avengers would definitely make you cry a lot a the end as well from the beginning. Be prepared to watch Avengers endgame you have to pay a lot from your hearts.

There are no major flaws in the movie to watch the Endgame at least you should have watched Avengers: Infinity War. Avengers Endgame would the one last ride. Endgame Might the last movie in Avengers Infinity Saga. Since no Avengers movie was scheduled for next few years.

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