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The first romantic experiences have choked up famous actresses.

Nikhila Vimal ” Real hero lover

Did you fall in love If you ask me, I will answer no. But when one thinks of the first love, one remembers. Years ago, a woman close to me called me and said, ‘A boy asks for your phone number. said. As all women usually say, I said, ‘Don’t give up.’

After a long hiatus, the girl said to me, ‘That boy is the one on top of you ..’ I was not an actress at the time. I have participated in numerous art workshops in schools and have received gifts. I participate in a lot of dance competitions. The person who met me once said that he had seen me in dance classes and met me once on the train. I don’t remember any of those incidents.

I don’t want to know anything about him. I told the woman that I didn’t even want to know her name. He is also one of the people I meet and talk to at public events that I sometimes attend. He also comes forward to speak on some trips. Whatever the mind, it is good to be far away.

‘Getting married .. Want to get married?’ Comes with questions. I will reply in two lines: ‘Not married. This is my trademark answer. I would advise you not to close your eyes to the love and educational advice that comes through social websites. My real hero will come someday. Love him that day.

Madonna Sebastian ” Ambassador’s Love

There is no need for us to love to know love. Even if you support women in love. My first love story was to help my friend’s love.

My close friend fell in love while she was in high school. She was studying in a different class. They have both met and talked. There is also attraction among them. But now there is no such thing as cellphone and social media.

 So the two were unable to communicate. Listening to his plight is entertaining for me and my friends.

That year came Valentine’s Day. This day is a very important day for those who are in love. So we decided to give them a chance to meet and talk on Valentine’s Day.

In the morning they both arrived at the place we had arranged for them. It was the schoolroom. It has five gates. We all stood at the threshold of the gate so that no students or students could enter through it. Our plan is to send someone back if they come.

‘It’s been a while. Students will come. And all that ye shall speak within, speak. ‘ Do you know what they were talking about?

What did you eat in the morning? What was the last time you saw the cinema the time talking. They have not talked about love or anything beyond that. Of course. Suddenly the boyfriend ran towards us. ‘I’ve talked to her about everything. He didn’t know what to talk about anymore. Tell us what to ask next .. ‘

I shook my head and looked at him miserably. Even now, when Valentine’s Day comes, I remember thinking of that old love couple.

About 2 crore people have signed up for the CAA M.K Stalin

DMK against civil rights amendment MK Stalin said the number of signatures so far has exceeded 2 crores.

DMK against civil rights amendment the signature movement is just beginning. In view of this, the DMK was standing near Tiruvallur Kamarajar statue yesterday Chairman MK Stalin made the signing public. Speaking at the event: –

We are living in a world where everyone is equal. But Modi has been doing the job since he came to power with the intention of not living equally.

The Government of India is strongly criticizing the legislation introduced in the European Union Parliament. This country is going to the point where another country can criticize our country. That is why we are on a journey of righteousness. We are planning and carrying out many struggles. We are holding a protest, human chain, fasting, and test. We are constantly making many resolutions.

2 crore public signed against CAA

We started the process by deciding to sign a million people. According to yesterday’s calculation, the manuscript exceeded Rs 2 crore. People understand the facts and know these horrors and come forward with their own signatures.

There are even some who are saying that this signature movement should be mocked and mocked. I humbly acknowledge that this signature movement is one of the cratic practices.

Edapadi Palanisamy’s answers for +1 public exams

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy stated that the largest veterinary park in Asia is to be held tomorrow in the Salem district near the Thalawasal compound road.

As a first step, the College of Veterinary Medicine is holding a groundbreaking ceremony, the Agricultural Festival. It houses various halls. I have come to Coimbatore to attend the event.

Following are the questions asked by the reporters and the answers provided by Palanisamy: –

Question: – Various irregularities have taken place in the Tamil Nadu Government Employee Terminal Is there a demand for an investigation?

Answer: – The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is an autonomous body. Investigations are currently underway into the alleged irregularities. The Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal is taking steps to take proper action against the wrongdoers.

Question: – Is the Government complicit in the irregularities at the Tamil Nadu Government Employees’ Terminal?

A: We know how complicit we are Digg As far as the state is concerned, the investigation should be honest and not interfered with. The agency is also investigating and arresting the culprits.

Question: – Will the DMK go against the Citizenship Amendment Act? Is the signature movement going on?

Answer: – That is their choice.

Question: – Have the Marxist Communist Partyers said that Minister Rajendra Balaji acts like a Hindutva organization? What is your opinion on the Minister of Forests Dindigul Srinivasan telling the student to take off his shoes?

Answer: – Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan is old. He is about 70 years old. He could not bend over the stick he was wearing. So he called the nearest boy and told him to take it. He made it clear and regretted it. And the boy is like my grandson. He said he had called for help. But they are exaggerating. Exaggerating the media and the press is really painful. Digg None of the ministers or administrators would be involved in such an act.
Similarly, I do not know what accusation Rajendra Balaji has. He is pious. I know that very well. He may have said his own opinion. Our Fisheries Minister Jayakumar has made it clear that it is not the AIADMK’s opinion.
There is no drought

Question: – Since summer is about to begin, what kind of measures are you going to tackle drought?

Answer: – The term drought is not this year. There is good rain around the Coimbatore areas. The water levels are all overflowing.

Question: – Will the General Elections for the Plus-I Class be canceled?

Answer: – How to determine the eligibility of the student if all the exams are canceled? Doing so creates a situation where students cannot work outside. Teachers, students, and parents can determine the eligibility of that student only by choice. The Minister of School Education has canceled the General Elections for Grades 5 and 8 at the request of parents.

Question: – Do political parties comment on suspension?

Answer: – No one has reported the statistics on suspension. It is not true to speak so. All measures are being taken by the government to avoid interruption

LIC Stake Sale To Help Improve Insurer’s Administration, Accountability: Nirmala Sitharaman

Why did you decide to sell the stock? Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman explained.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Chennai interviewed reporters. She said: –

The federal budget for states has not been reduced. Funding is being offered as recommended by the 14th Finance Committee.

GST for Tamil Nadu the outstanding balance is Rs.4000 crore. We do not isolate any state in providing this. 2 installments due to all states have been delayed. We will provide that amount soon.

Farmers Welfare Assistance:

The number of beneficiaries of the Farmers Welfare Scheme, which goes directly to the public, has reached 8 crores. State governments also have their share. So funding is being provided for that project. The Employment Guarantee Scheme is also a need-based program.

In September, October and December, 60 percent of small and small industries had to be paid by state and public sector companies.
LIC Shares
Not all PSUs are sold. How many percents of the shares in the federal government-owned shares of LIC have not been decided? Through the sale of shares, the benefits of people’s participation in the LIC, transparency in management, and reform.

In addition, executives will have to answer to people at public meetings of companies. This will bring public institutions into a discipline.
GST Collections
GST There was a backlash in the interim in collections. But over the past three months, it has consistently exceeded one trillion crores. The Central Government is taking various measures to repair the collection loopholes.

There is also a special plan to solve tax problems. There is no need to consult experts for this. You can apply for it electronically. After this, there will be no such hassle. We have lowered the income tax so that people can have money.

He did not make a long speech in Parliament for achievement. It was a speech that focused on every segment of the economy.
The price of gasoline and diesel
GST sells petrol and diesel If it is to be brought within the limits The council must decide and tell the federal government. Since implementing the GST, we have made amendments to bring in petrol and diesel.

If the Council decides to pay the price, the GST will Let’s bring it to the limit. The federal government does not stop it. This requires the unity of the state governments.

Thus She said.

Coronavirus infection in China; Death toll rises to 803.

The number of coronavirus deaths in China has risen to 803.

The coronavirus, which spread from China’s Hubei provincial capital, Ugan, in late December, is now spreading throughout the country. Thus increasing day to day lives. The coronavirus has caused the biggest impact in China, in particular.

Chinese cities, including Uganda, have been shut down and sealed as vaccination tests to protect victims of the coronavirus virus are underway.
The death toll for coronavirus rise to 723 yesterday. Similarly, Chinese health officials said 34 thousand 598 people were affected.

One of them, a 60-year-old woman from the United States, died at the Jinintang Hospital in Uganda. Similarly, a 60-year-old man from Japan who was treated for pneumonia in a hospital in Uganda has died.

For the first time, two foreign nationals – the United States and Japan – have died of coronavirus.

At least 81 people have died of coronavirus in China, with the number rising to 803.

774 people were killed by the SARS virus in 2002 and 2003. The number of victims of coronavirus is higher than this number. An additional 2,147 people have been infected with the virus. As a result, more than 36,690 people across China have been diagnosed with the disease.

Rs. 84 crores for ‘walkie-talkie’ scam in Tamil Nadu Police Department: 14 police officers raid

In the Budget 2017-18, the Government of Tamil Nadu has allocated Rs.47 crore 56 lakhs to modernize the police force.

Scandal in the purchase of ‘walkie-talkie’

With this funding, the police unit and the police department decided to purchase 10 thousand ‘walkie-talkie’ equipment for the Tamil Nadu police.

But it was alleged that a tender agreement of Rs.83 crores was signed for 45 lakhs and only four thousand tools were purchased  Instead of buying a walkie-talkie for Rs. 47 thousand 560, there were complaints that the purchase of a walkie-talkie was a big mistake.

Letter to the Home Secretary

Tamil Nadu Home Secretary Niranjan Marty sent a sensational letter to Tamil Nadu police DGP DK Rajendran last year in connection with the ‘walkie-talkie’ tender procurement scam.

The letter said, “There are 11 violations of the tender for the purchase of walkie-talkies to the Tamil Nadu police. GST on the walkie-talkie tool Even after the tax was reduced from 28 percent to 12 percent, 28 percent were making accusations of layoffs. Pointing to his statement, the DMK demanded that action be taken on the issue. Leader MK Stalin, MP Political party leaders, including founder Dr. Ramadas, continued to insist.
Bribery cops investigate.

At the same time, DK Rajendran, who was a police DGP, sent a reply letter to Home Secretary Niranjan Marty denying the allegation.
In the meantime, the police had a cellphone, CCTV The buzz about the Rs 350 crore scandal in the purchase of technology equipment, including equipment, has been sparked by reports over the past few months.

The Tamil Nadu government has recommended to the police to investigate allegations of corruption in the police technical unit.

Inspection of homes

In the period between 2016 and 2018, the alleged corruption scandal took place in a total of 18 locations, including 14 houses of technical officers and two locations of tender companies.

Accordingly, the Superintendent of Police of the Technical Division, Anupu Chezhiyan, Kilpakkam, Palpar Roadhouse, Additional Superintendent of Police at Pattinapakkam Police Ramesh, DSP. The houses of 14 police officers, including Udayashankar, were brought into the checkpoint. The test was conducted in 17 places in Chennai and one in Madurai. Anubhacheliyan is currently the co-director of the e-service center.

In a press release issued yesterday, the police said: –

Key documents are stuck
Tamil-speaking police, walkie-talkie, cellphone, CCTV From 2016-2018, it was reported that the Technology Superintendent of Police (Superintendent of Police) had misused the authority of the Superintendent of Police (Govt.) For the purchase of equipment, including devices, tablets, GPS and battery.

So a detailed inquiry was conducted on behalf of the government on the orders of the government. The preliminary inquiry was filed against the two private-sector technical officers in the last 7 days.

Subsequent raids were conducted in 18 locations, including the offices and offices of individuals involved in the case. The main documents are stuck in this test. Following the confiscation, investigations are ongoing.
Thus it is stated.

Actor Surya thanked the government for canceling the 5th, 8th Class General exams.

The Tamil Nadu School Department has announced that the 5th and 8th grades will be held in Tamil Nadu. Various political parties and academics opposed the announcement. They also accused the students’ education of jeopardizing the general election. The Tamil Nadu government has announced that the 5th and 8th grades will be canceled.

In a statement issued by the Minister of Education, Senkotayan, the government issued a statement on behalf of the school department on September 13 last year regarding the general election for students of 5th and 8th grade from 2020-2021. Various demands have been made in this regard. After considering them, the Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to abolish this state. Therefore, the old practice will continue.

In this regard, actor Surya posted on Twitter: – 

Agaram has realized in her fieldwork how difficult it is to reconnect the students who are studying at the age of reading. General exams are not always the solution to measuring students’ learning ability. General exams for Grades 5 and 8 are canceled. Thanks to the Minister of Education and Government of Tamil Nadu.

Coronavirus infection in Kerala: State disaster announcement.

In Kerala, it was confirmed that the 3rd person is infected with the coronavirus. The state government declared it a “state disaster” yesterday.

The death toll from coronavirus has risen to 426, and the number of victims has exceeded 20 thousand, the Chinese government has announced.
In Kerala yesterday it was confirmed that the 3rd person is infected with the coronavirus. The state government declared it a “state catastrophe yesterday,” said Tom Jose, secretary-general of the State Disaster Management Commission.

All three coronavirus cases in Kerala are students returning from Wuhan, China last month. They have been admitted to three different hospitals in Kasaragod, North Kerala, Thrissur in central Kerala and Alappuzha in South Kerala. 

The Kerala government has stepped up the health sector in its fight against the deadly disease caused by the coronavirus.

There are 28 separate wards all over the state. More than 40,000 health officials, civil servants, and subordinates are ready for the task. 

Over the past three days, three Coronavirus patients have been confirmed, isolated and treated. More than 80 people are being monitored in hospitals and isolation wards. More than 2,239 people are under surveillance across the state; About 75 of them are in isolated wards, and the rest are isolated in homes of the 140 specimens sent to Pune’s National Virology Institute, 46 had negative results.

Test series against New Zealand; Indian cricket team announces.

The Indian cricket team has been announced to take part in the Test series against New Zealand.

The Indian cricket team has toured New Zealand in a series of 5 Twenty-over cricket matches against the country. In this series Indian team won New Zealand in 5 matches.  

The following series will feature three one-day internationals against New Zealand. After that, India and New Zealand will play 2 Test series. The Indian cricket team has announced that it will take part in the ongoing Test series. In this, Rohit Sharma has been sacked due to injury. He has been replaced by Mayank Agarwal.

Details of the players in the Indian Test squad; – Virat Kohli (skipper), Mayank Agarwal, Prithvi Shah, Subman Gill, Pujara, Rahane (vice-captain), Hanuma Vihari, Ridhiman Saha (wicketkeeper), Rishabh Pond (wicketkeeper), R. Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Jaspira, Jaspira. , Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Sami, Navdeep Saini, Ishant Sharma (to prove physical fitness).

Ayanavaram girl rape case: 4 sentenced to death – Special Court Action verdict.

The 15 accused were sentenced yesterday in connection with the rape of a minor in Ayanavaram, Chennai. The special court action ruled that four of them should be sentenced to death.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint at the Ayana Varam Women’s Police Station. On this basis, the police filed a case and inquired.

At the time, it was revealed that the occupants of the apartment were lift operators, plumbers, guards, gardeners, and domestic workers. Ravikumar (age 56), who worked as a lift operator in the apartment, first raped the girl. Then every one of them raped the girl.

Subsequently, sexually abused lift operator Ravikumar (56), plumber Suresh (32), domestic helper Rajasekhar (48), guards Eralphras (58), Abhishek (28), Sukumaran (60), Murukesan (54) and lift operator Paramasivam (54)., Plumber Jaikanesh (23), Lift Operator Babu (36), Kavali Palani (40), Lift Operator Dinathayayan (50), Plumbers Raja (32), Surya (23), Gardener Gunasekaran (55), Police have arrested 17 people – Ray Jayaraman (26) and Electrician Umapati (42).

Then the thug act passed on 17 of them. However, for some reason, the Madras Eco-Board abolished the Thug Act. The court refused to grant bail to them despite repeated appeals.

Meanwhile, the Madras Highcourt has ordered that the case be expedited. The trial began in January last year in a special court hearing the ‘Pokso’ cases at the high court complex in Chennai.

Ramesh has been appointed as the Special Government Prosecutor in the government. Justice Manjula inquired the case. Those arrested in the case have not been released on bail until the end of the trial.

During interrogation, one of the accused, the lift operator Babu, died due to lack of health. Subsequently, in the case against the remaining 16 persons, 36 witnesses were prosecuted by the State and 7 accused by the accused. 120 proof documents were submitted.

After all the arguments were concluded, Judge Manjula announced on November 1 that 15 people were guilty in the case. Further, the estate worker Gunasekeran, 55, was acquitted of the charge stating that the charges against him had not been proved.

The remaining 15 persons will be sentenced on the 3rd (ie yesterday).
Following this, all the 15 accused were brought to the courthouse with gun-protection police protection at 2.30 pm yesterday. Strong police security was placed around the special court. All 15 were produced in court with police protection.

In the courtroom, no one other than the state prosecutor, the accused, the prosecutors and the police were allowed. The courtroom was closed.
Judge Manjula then proceeded to read the verdict. In the judgment, the judge stated: –

Lift operator Ravi Kumar, the first accused in the case, has been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Bokso’ Act for protecting children from sexual offenses. In addition, another section of the ‘Pokso’ law is punishable by up to 7 years in prison and 2 years in prison for murder.

Similarly, Suresh, Abhishek, Palani and Rajasekhar have been sentenced to life imprisonment under the ‘Pokso’ Act.
Ravikumar, Suresh, Abhishek and Palani will be sentenced to life in prison. (Must be in jail until death)
Under different sections of the ‘Pokso’ law, the guard is sentenced to 7 years in prison and the other 9 to 5 years.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has to provide Rs 6 lakh as relief to the family of the victim. The Government of Tamil Nadu should immediately provide Rs.1.5 lakh as interim relief to the girl’s parents. Thus stated in the judgment.