Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Review {3.25/5.00} – Arun Vijay || Priya || Prassana

Narcotics office Arun Vijay involves in a racy chase to hunt down the deadly drug cartel Prassana is the onliner of the movie.

Arun Vijay recently keens in signing his movies. His selection of movies has an excellent story line up. As well as he eventually bends for the young directors. His role as Cop never fails his movie. After the Success of Yennai Arinthal Arun Vijay gained a separated fan base in K town.

Regarding the Mafia film, Arun Vijay said that the director of the film Karthik Naren is a very brilliant and talented director. Prasanna has also got a very good role in the film which is quite intrusting.

Karthik Nareen who is well known for his debut movie Dhuruvangal 16 a crime thriller gained a positive response. Karthik Managed to rope Priya Bhavani Shankar in the movie as a female lead role. Priya plays as Narcotics office who is an Assistant for Arun Vijay. She’s also working for Indian 2 under Shankar Direction.

Mafia Movie Review

The Title poster and name reveal that the movie is all about drug Mafia and Stylish Narcotics office Aryan ( Arun Vijay) is the protagonist in the movie. Movie open with a shoot out in a hunt of gangsters. Aryan, later on, finds out that Diwakar the drug cartel who leads the crew. The movie revolves around Arun Vijay and Prassana’s mind games. Moreover, Gun slings and fist fits are framed in a good manner to engage the audience in the seats. In Addition, to Aryaan and Diwakar’s performance Priya Bhavani Shankar made decently performance in the movie.

Meanwhile, Arun Vijay came to know that Diwakar is not the only venomous snake in the Drug Mafia. The movie ends in a way that it would have Chapter 2. Arun Vijay remarkably making a strong foundation for his career. He was the perfect choice for this stylish cop story. Firstly The presentation and narration, at times, remind you of the web series format as you feel certain cinematic elements seem to be missing. Slow-motion scenes could have been avoided to enhance the speed of the movie. Moreover, Karthik has a unique touch in all his movies.

To sum up Mafia movie review, Mafia is a new attempt with the visual treatment, but when it comes to story, regular as we have come across such tales many times but in a new format.