Raiza Wilson shares Horrible experience in Skin Clinic

Actress and Model Raiza Wilson recently had a horrible incident at Dr. Bhairavi Senthil The Acne Lab. It’s quite common for actresses to visit Skin Labs in recent times. Raiza who’s been doing modeling very long time becomes famous after Bigg Boss Season 1 Tamil. She has also done several movies in Tamil. Pyar Prema Kadhal her movie with Co Bigg Boss Contestant Harish Kalyan becomes her breaking point.

Super Actress Raiza Wilson shared a horrible story in an Instagram story about her Skin Treatment experience in Dr. Bhairavi Senthil’s The Acne Lab. She was forced to make a procedure during the treatment which she refused to take. Raiza Shared her horrible pictures of her. Raiza under eyes seems to be injured with blood clots.

After the incident Actress tried to talk the higher officials of the clinic but staffs refused to arrange the meeting and informed Bhairavi is out of town for a long while. Raiza has around 1.5 million followers in Instagram.