Singer assaults lyricist Vairamuthu for sexual harassment

#MeToo the latest trending hashtag in Twitter women from all over the world sharing their sexual harassment faced during their lifetime. A famous celebrity singer in Kollywood industry Chinmayi shared her sexual harassment case and also accused YouTube review were Prashant yesterday. In a recent tweet by Chinmayi says singer and also a friend of Chinmay had a sexual harassment. she accused lyricist Vairamuthu.

Victim shares her story when she was 18 and went to meet Vairamuthu for a project at his office by the Muthu misbehaved to hear while narrating the lyrics of a song he hugged and kissed the victim and the victim ran away from the studio.

The industry knows; the men know. #TimesUp
The time is bloody up.

— Chinmayi Sripaada (@Chinmayi) October 8, 2018

Chinmayi in a another tweet sent by another victim writer Vairamuthu tried to misbehave with the college girl who is well known for Vairamuthu family victim claimed that later he apologized for his mistake.

ONE MORE Allegation against @vairamuthu

— Chinmayi Sripaada (@Chinmayi) October 9, 2018

Another allegation was made by Chinmaya another WhatsApp screenshot of a friend who is also a singer she faced harassment by Vairamuthu and states that he order the buttermilk for the for her and try to came close to wipe a bit of buttermilk from my lips and almost tried to kiss.

I cannot stop shaking.

My Friend will remain anonymous.@vairamuthu

Why people cannot share at the risk of their careers.

And bloody hell #MeToo!!

— Chinmayi Sripaada (@Chinmayi) October 8, 2018

Another page in my shoes that he owns a ladies hostel and miss behave with girls in the hostel you frequently visit there. Many more treats for stating that Vairamuthu striving to miss behave with lots of girls in the industry as well as from his ladies hostel