Atharva Murali was already acted as a police officer in the movie ‘100’. He also plays a police officer in another film. The film is yet to be named. This is a horror movie, full of action fighting scenes.

Ravindra Madhava directs. He was the assistant director of both directors Suchindran and Bhupathi Pandian. Anushka is the scriptwriter for the movie ‘Bhagmathi’. The film is produced by Michael Rayappan. Atharva was playing the lead role in the movie ‘Yeti’ which was released. Director Ravindra Madhava says about the film: –

Though Atharva Murali is already acting as a police officer in a film, it is a film with a very different storyline. Atharva Murali beautifully fits the action fighting scenes. We are looking for a heroine to pair with him. Shakti Saravanan is doing the cinematography.

We are about to start shooting at the end of this month. We are planning to shoot the entire film in the surrounding areas. The film will be screened as a summer holiday. ”