The Republic TV anchor journalist Arnab Goswami attacked by 2 goons after returning from is office along with his wife. The goons who were attached and his wife or Congress party members and they accepted that they were sent by youth Congress Party.

In a short video released by Arnab Goswami narrated the incident happened for him and completely blamed Sonia Gandhi for the attack. He called Sonia Gandhi a coward. Sonia Gandhi and Vadra family are responsible if anything happens to me and my wife. I have been exposing all the fake news spread by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. I exposed the fake news spread by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra that Hindus and Muslims are segregated in Gujarat it was a complete fake news.

Use any machineries use any goons to attack me but we have the support of people of India. I have spoke to the DCP and I will lodge a complaint personally. We are not scared of you anymore Sonia Gandhi he said.

When Arnab was returning from his office(Republic TV) during a late night to is home to unknown person where following him when he was inside his car Toyota Corolla. Those two persons covering their faces and travelling parallel to is few metres away from his home they started attacking at is cars pane and right to break is window. Arnab manage to handle the situation and moved away from them. After closing few metres away from them they were caught by Arnab bodyguards.

After investigation those bodyguards delivered shocking information that those goons are belongs to Congress Party and they sent by youth Congress to attack Arnab.

Earlier Arnab Goswami defamesCongress leader Sonia Gandhi for Palghar lynching attack on to Hindu leaders. He mentioned that Sonia Gandhi kept quiet for the lynching incident and will be reporting to Italy over it. This incident made several political leaders conduct the act of Arnab Goswami’s words. Rajasthan Chief Minister made a tweet and mentioned Arnab has gone insane and crossed his ultimate limit.

Several Twitter users raised following questions about the Arnab attack incident.

  • Do the India’s top most journalist is still using Toyota Corolla.
  • A person who can hire Bodyguard can’t hire driver.
  • Do Congress really send people to attack Arnab during this critical situation and get caught.
  • If Sonia Gandhi sends goons to attack do you believe it will be two people in bike and hitting is car pane and Windows.

Millions of people started supporting Arnab death threat tweeting for him. During the short video even are not thank you for those millions of people who supporting him.

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