Just before a week for release Arjun Reddy’s official remake Varmaa to be completely re-shot again. Filmmakers E4 entertainment managed to grab the official copyrights of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy and planned to shoot Vikram’s son Dhruv. is the debut film for Dhruva. E4 entertainment managed to get Director Bala for the direction. The director who is well known for his unique style of direction is always close to the hearts of Vikram.

Varmaa starting from the beginning received negative response even from the first look poster. After the teaser release. Team received overwhelming negative comments from film buff as well from audience. Just before a week ahead of released E4 Entertainment wanted to re-shoot the movie completely with different Cast and Crew expect Dhruv. Its seems only Director Bala will be changed from the movie.

As per the E4 Entertainment they don’t want to make any compromise in the Epic remake of Arjun Reddy and they are not satisfied with the final output of the movie. Moreover there are no famous scenes from the movie are taken in Tamil.

“We E4 Entertainment are not at all happy with the final version handed over to us and due to various creative and other differences, we hae decided not to release this version. Instead we will start afresh and shoot a new tamil version of “Arjun Reddy” with Dhruv as the main lead by staying true to the soul and intention of the original” Said E4 Entertainment.

Re-shot is planned to start as soon as possible and also to be released on June 2019.

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